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About the team

At Adaptavist, our dedicated team of six specialises in market and UX research, serving as the company’s knowledge hub. We drive success through informed decision-making, user-centric design, and strategic market positioning. Our strong team cohesion is maintained through regular meetings, social events, and collaborative problem-solving sessions. Despite being spread across Spain, Germany, and the UK, we work seamlessly together. Each team member collaborates closely with various business units, becoming experts in their respective areas and contributing to our collective expertise.

About the role

Be the backbone of our central UX Research Team at Adaptavist! Our team thrives on diverse research methodologies and cutting-edge tools to drive product development across various business units. Specialising in User Experience and Market Research, we're dedicated to informed decision-making, uncovering market opportunities, evaluating product competitiveness, and refining our offerings to meet the highest usability and usefulness standards.

As our UX Research Operations Coordinator, you'll need impeccable organisational skills and a keen eye for detail to ensure our research projects run seamlessly. You'll set and maintain high standards, streamline processes, manage tools effectively, simplify participant recruitment, and ensure compliance with GDPR and other regulations to safeguard personal data. Your role is pivotal in enhancing our research approach and providing insights that shape Adaptavist's business decisions.

What you'll be doing

Establish Standards and Frameworks

Establishing Best Practices: Collaborate with the UX team to establish and maintain best practices for recruiting and engaging participants. Ensure consistent adherence to these guidelines across the board.
Standardising Procedures: Develop comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for research activities. Provide detailed processes and documentation to enhance clarity and operational efficiency.
Creating Templates: Collaborate with researchers to develop pre-defined templates for reports, charts, and presentations. Ensure a consistent and professional presentation of research findings.
Strategic Roadmap: Define and execute a UX research operations roadmap aimed at improving efficiency and addressing any existing gaps. Drive initiatives that streamline processes and enhance productivity.
Data Protection Compliance: Maintain awareness of and ensure compliance with GDPR and other relevant data protection laws. Safeguard participant information and uphold legal standards at all times.

Enhance Research Operations Efficiency

Comprehensive Recruitment Strategies: Develop and execute recruitment strategies covering all stages from outreach to engagement. Manage the participant journey, including incentives, to meet diverse project needs effectively.
Collaborative Partnerships: Forge strong collaborations with internal teams, including UX researchers, designers, and product managers. Deeply understand research requirements to ensure seamless participant recruitment.
Continuous Improvement: Continuously evaluate and refine recruitment methods and processes. Proactively address challenges to ensure the use of the most suitable approaches for each study.
Community Building: Foster a vibrant community and develop a database of engaged participants. Employ innovative strategies such as social media engagement and event organisation to enhance long-term participant involvement.
Champion of UX Research: Advocate for the value of UX research internally and externally. Effectively communicate key insights and the impact of research efforts to stakeholders and clients.

Manage and Administrate Research Assets

Budgeting Expertise: Oversee research operations budgeting, ensuring careful monitoring of expenses for participant incentives and resources. Collaborate with the Lead UX Researcher to adjust financial plans for efficient resource allocation.
Tool Management: Effectively manage research tools, ensuring alignment with project requirements. Provide guidance to the UX team on selecting optimal methods and tools for each project, complete with detailed user guides.
Cross-Department Collaboration: Work closely with legal and finance departments to streamline the integration of new tools. Manage contractual and financial aspects while maintaining adherence to organisational standards.
Vendor Relations: Foster strong relationships with external vendors and platforms to bolster recruitment and research activities. Regularly evaluate research operations' effectiveness to inform strategic adjustments.
Team Efficiency: Enhance team efficiency by creating and distributing standardized templates for recruitment and communication. Support content publication across various media channels.

What we're looking for

- Background in UX or Market Research Operations, adept at managing tasks and coordinating efforts.
- Performs well under pressure, delivering top results in high-stakes situations.
- Skilled at engaging stakeholders, guiding decisions, and aligning teams with research findings.
- Experienced in leading diverse teams, demonstrating effective research integration for maximum impact.
- Proven ability to handle multiple projects, keeping everything organized in UX or market research settings.
- Expert in recruiting specific groups via social media and databases, even in challenging B2B environments.
- Leads and inspires teamwork across departments, championing customer-focused research for innovation and quality.
- Comfortable collaborating internationally, working with colleagues from various cultures and time zones.

At Adaptavist, we are committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive community, and believe this positively impacts both the creation of our innovative products and our delivery of bespoke solutions to our global customers and our own unique culture. We encourage all qualified applicants, regardless of age, disability, race, sexual orientation, religion or belief, sex, gender identity, pregnancy and maternity, marriage, and civil partnership status. From our family-friendly policies to our flexible work environment we offer a range of benefits and policies in order to support staff from all different backgrounds. If you have any questions, please do ask us.

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