Senior Data Architect

Palo Alto, California
Engineering – DIT (Data Infrastructure Team)
Full Time
ADARA serves leading travel brands by delivering critical intelligence that drives personalization and relevance throughout the customer’s journey resulting in more enduring and profitable relationships. Fueling these insights is our data co-op which connects over 200 leading travel brands to create the most comprehensive view of the world's travelers and their behaviors across brands, channels, and devices. ADARA transforms how our B2C clients leverage consumer insight at every stage—learn, act, measure and modify--to unleash the revenue potential of each individual.

As a Hands-on Data Architect at ADARA, you will be part of a cross functional team responsible for architecting, and building modern data pipelines to better support needs from data analytics and science, business applications, data security and reporting. Work closely with our engineering team on data model designs. Enhance data integration and ETL process leveraging Google Cloud Platform. Collaborate with BI team to optimize the daily report creations and delivery process. Help code and implement designs in production. Provide strategic thinking, insights and solutions to business problems and use cases.

Skills & Requirements

    • 10+ years hands-on experience on data design in large-scale and complex data solutions development projects.
    • 4+ years of experience working on modern cloud based data architectures.
    • Proficiency in SQL and Python or Java programming languages
    • Experience in data platforms built using containers, real-time streaming, microservices and serverless computing. 
    • Current with new technologies, architectures and vendor solutions available to build a modern end to end data pipeline.
    • Expertise in data architecture, data management,  modeling, design and development for both structured and unstructured data.
    • Fluent understanding of data security and compliance requirements
    • Fluency architecting and documenting architecture at multiple levels (high-level to detailed) and across multiple views (conceptual, logical, physical, data flow and sequence diagrams)
    • Ability to translate business requirements into conceptual and detailed technology solutions. 
    • Ability to build and code quick proof of concepts to validate ideas.
    • Hands on optimization experience with VLDB:TB scale of structured data
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with abilities to work well with individuals across all levels of the organization and the ability to interact and present to customers.
    • Experience in Machine Learning , data science and analytics, BI, data reporting and data visualization
    • Strong technical leadership skills with an ability to lead product architecture design and development.
    • Experience in working on GCP is a huge plus since ADARA’s tech stack is based on GCP.
    • Bachelors in Computer Science, STEM related field. Masters is preferred.
ADARA is the world's travel data co-op with a simple vision of growing the travel industry together. Share data, and get insights and knowledge in return. We call it The World's Travel Graph. It provides a unique, holistic understanding of patterns, trends and behavior, and we’re adding to the bigger picture partner by partner. It’s a safe and secure way to share and analyze historical and real time data about more than 500 million monthly unique traveler profiles from more than 100 of the world's top travel businesses. ADARA captures data on the move about people on the move for businesses on the move, and our data co-op fuels three core business areas: Advertising, Measurement & Analytics and Traveler Intelligence. Let's travel together! To learn more, visit