UI Engineer

Mountain View, CA

About Addepar
Addepar is building a platform designed to bring ethical, data-informed investing to our financial world. Our product handles all types of assets in any currency, so investors and advisors can have a clear financial picture, all in one place. With customizable reporting, our clients can visualize and communicate relevant information to everyone who needs it. By providing a data-informed, ethical approach, we believe we can bring trust back to finance.

Replacing ad-hoc development with reusable components
We’re building an ember-cli component library so that our engineers can create new UI’s from reusable building blocks rather than starting each project from scratch.

Pay down tech debt along the way
Our objective is ambitious. We’re overhauling our entire CSS codebase, including removing a version of Bootstrap that had been patched together over the years. You’ll apply your extensive experience with Javascript frameworks as you collaborate with product designers and other members of the front-end infrastructure team. Together, you will refactor and recreate the components that will support both our UI refactor and our growing design pattern library.

The stakes are high. We will need to make incremental changes to the large codebase of a live product without breaking any functionality or causing issues for our users.

Empower the team with expert knowledge
Addepar’s web app is a constantly evolving product with new features being developed every day. Our UI Engineers form the cornerstone that bridges the gap between design and engineering. You’ll  work closely with our product designers, other software engineers, and business partners to create top notch UI that is efficient, clean, and user friendly, and you’ll educate the team on HTML and CSS best practices. You will also give feedback on the HTML/CSS quality of live production code as well as pull requests.

Some skills we consider critical for a UI Engineer

    • Expert HTML/CSS knowledge
    • Modern CSS design implementations and their appropriate use
    • Browser/rendering engine quirks and layout hacks
    • Rendering of content and style
    • Responsive design principles and implementation
    • A solid understanding of coding fundamentals, algorithms, object oriented design, and functional programming
    • Familiarity with UX best practices

We expect you to have experience working with

    • Enterprise or large scale web applications
    • CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap or Materialize
    • Different browsers and devices optimization
    • CSS preprocessors like Less/SASS
    • Post processors like PostCSS
    • JS libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Ember, Angular, React, etc.

Our Stack

    • Javascript / ECMA 6
    • Coffeescript
    • Ember.js / Ember Data
    • Our own open-source Ember libraries (http://addepar.github.io/)
    • Ember CLI
    • SASS / Post CSS
    • RESTful API implementation in Java
    • MySQL
    • Git