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Company Description 

Adept is an ML research and product lab building general intelligence by enabling humans and computers to work together creatively. We’ve raised a $65M Series A from Greylock and Addition and several angel investors, and were recently highlighted by Fortune

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Team Culture 

We're looking for team members who are energized by our ambitious mission and excited to join a fast-paced startup environment, working closely together in our new office in San Francisco.

Position Summary

At Adept, our mission is to build intelligent natural language interfaces to the internet or a computer, empowering people to interact with machines just like they would with a teammate. At the heart of this human-machine partnership lie some of the most exciting research challenges in AI. We’re looking for researchers to join our team. 
At Adept, you will be working with some of the leading researchers in areas such as modeling, systems, reinforcement learning from human feedback, data curation, and user interfaces. As we build useful products out of capabilities that are already within grasp, our fundamental research must unlock the next tier of capabilities that will delight users.

What You'll Achieve

    • You’ll be taking on some of our most challenging research bets
    • Formulate an open ended research goal into a concrete research problem
    • Formulate success milestones
    • Build eval and training datasets
    • Prototype new models if needed
    • Train and evaluate models
    • Work with engineers to scale up successful models

Skills You'll Need to Bring

    • Evidence of research output with impact in your field — including OSS code (big plus)
    • Experience with multimodal, architectures, or reasoning with LLMs is a big plus
    • Desire to roll up sleeves, engineer/prototype (not just leave on whiteboard)

This role will report to: Ashish Vaswani 

Others you will learn from:  
Anmol Gulati
Augustus Odena
David Luan
Fred Bertsch 
Kelsey Schroeder 
Maxwell Nye 
Niki Parmar

Our benefits Comprehensive health insurance coverage Unlimited vacation time Competitive salary Stock options Daily meals + comfortable SF office Dog friendly 

Location: San Francisco, CA

Adept is an equal opportunity employer. We're excited about candidates who will raise the bar of our team, regardless of specific experiences -- we encourage applicants from a range of backgrounds to apply.