Senior FPGA Engineer

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Advanced Navigation is one of the world’s most ambitious innovators in AI robotics and navigation technology across land, air, sea and space. While our main headquarters are in Sydney, we have multiple research facilities in Australia and sales offices around the world. Since 2011, the company has experienced great success and has progressed into several deep, new technologies. Our fields of expertise include underwater sonar, GNSS, radio frequency systems, inertial sensors, robotics, quantum sensors and photonics.
Today, Advanced Navigation is a supplier to some of the world's largest companies, including Airbus, Boeing, Google, Tesla, Apple, and General Motors. We aspire to be the catalyst of the autonomy revolution and our technology can be seen in exciting applications across the globe. 
Hydrus, our revolutionary underwater robot will help restore oceans to a flourishing state. You will find our navigation systems in the autonomous Indy race cars and thousands of Plus AI autonomous trucks. We help farmers adopt autonomous farming equipment and assist in various fields of research. Switching to software, our cloud-based drone management platform helps patrol beaches for emergency rescues and shark tracking. Off-planet, we will deliver a navigation system for the next NASA moon landing. The applications of our technologies are quite limitless - where there is autonomy, you will find Advanced Navigation.

The Senior FPGA Engineer will play an integral role in developing our next generation of navigation and robotics products, with a particular focus on photonic sensor development. The Canberra team is currently focussed on development of light detection altimetry and velocimetry (LiDAV), a system that uses lasers to measure a significant number of parameters detailing a vehicle's environment.

Role Responsibilities

    • Implement high-performance signal processing algorithms that push the limits of what is possible
    • Collaborate on system level architecture with electronics and software teams
    • Perform hardware-in-loop testing with photonic hardware to verify system performance
    • Own, develop and manage best practice development flow. Strong in functional design that will scale and allow you to manage the implementation stages (timing closure, resource utilisation, physical debug) efficiently
    • Develop robust HDL code (prior experience in VHDL, Verilog or SystemVerilog) and identify opportunities to improve existing code
    • Prototype proof-of-concept builds to support new algorithm development
    • Design and development of both behavioural simulation test benches and automated physical test benches

About you:

    • Bachelor’s or higher in Computer Science, Software/Electrical/Electronic Engineering (Electrical) or equivalent experience
    • Current permit to work full time in Australia on an ongoing basis
    • 5+ years FPGA development experience, including large developments, and preferably both Intel and Xilinx devices
    • Strong level of proficiency with HDL code (prior experience in VHDL, Verilog or SystemVerilog
    • Electrical hardware proficiency, including High bandwidth Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) including LVDS and JESD204 standards
    • Strong level of proficiency with the C programming language
    • Familiarity with C++, MATLAB and Python would be an advantage, but not critical for the role
    • An interest and experience in using mathematics or physics knowledge in solving engineering problems
    • An understanding of optics and photonics such as coherent optical metrology, as it pertains to instruments
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
What are some of the benefits you will have access to?

You'll have access to industry-leading products with diverse applications within some of the most interesting and exciting projects worldwide. We’re growing a team of inspired, smart, and driven individuals from all sorts of backgrounds. With great opportunities for growth and variety, we strive to help each employee carve out the path that’s right for them.