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Advocate is a mission-driven technology company revolutionizing the way Americans access critical federal benefits. Our cutting-edge AI platform streamlines the application process, ensuring that every submission is complete, optimized, and tailored to the specific requirements of each federal program.  Our innovative technology not only simplifies the process for applicants but also significantly reduces the administrative burden on federal agencies, enabling faster and more efficient eligibility determinations.

The Team

Our product engineering team is a talented group of front-end, back-end, and full-stack engineers who share a passion for building exceptional products that customers love. They develop both the external-facing applications used by our claimants to seamlessly access our services, as well as the internal tools that enable our representatives to efficiently prepare and manage cases. By creating intuitive, high-quality solutions, the product engineering team plays a critical role in delivering a positive customer experience while also streamlining our internal workflows and boosting productivity.

The Opportunity

Benefits Advocate is seeking a highly skilled and versatile Product Engineer for the development of our innovative AI-based disability claims platform. This exceptional opportunity offers an accomplished professional a unique chance to positively impact society by providing invaluable support to individuals seeking government benefits.

Join Us and Make a Difference

We believe in the power of technology to drive positive change and promote fairness and equality in the distribution of federal assistance.   By joining Advocate, you will have the opportunity to be part of a mission-driven team that is making a tangible impact on society. Our work is centered around the belief that every American deserves access to the benefits they have earned through their contributions to our nation.

If you are passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex social challenges and are driven by the desire to make a meaningful difference in people's lives, Advocate is the perfect place for you. Join our talented and dedicated team as we work towards building a more equitable and inclusive society, one application at a time.


    • Deep Technical Expertise: You possess a strong foundation in computer science principles and are well-versed in modern software development practices, particularly agile methodologies. Your technical skills are exceptional, with fluency in languages such as Python, TypeScript, and others relevant to building scalable, high-quality products. You have a proven track record of delivering well-architected, maintainable code.
    • Product-Minded Engineer: You have a keen understanding of what makes a great product and can balance technical considerations with user experience and business objectives. You approach software development with a product mindset, considering the entire lifecycle from ideation to launch and beyond. You collaborate closely with product managers, designers, and other stakeholders to create products that delight users and drive business success.
    • Creative Problem Solver: You excel at tackling complex challenges with innovative solutions. Your ability to think outside the box and apply creative problem-solving techniques sets you apart. You are not afraid to experiment, iterate, and learn from failures to arrive at the best possible solution. Your designs are elegant, efficient, and scalable, with a focus on creating clear and intuitive interfaces.
    • Collaborative Team Player: You thrive in collaborative environments and understand the importance of effective communication and teamwork. You can articulate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and foster a shared understanding of goals and priorities. You actively contribute to technical discussions, provide constructive feedback, and help drive good decision-making within the team.
    • Attention to Detail: You have a meticulous eye for detail and take pride in delivering high-quality work. You understand the importance of writing clean, well-documented code and are proactive in refactoring and maintaining a healthy codebase. You are thorough in your testing and validation processes to ensure the reliability and performance of the products you build.
    • Continuous Learner: You have a passion for staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices. You actively seek opportunities to learn and grow, whether through personal projects, attending conferences, or collaborating with peers. You embrace a growth mindset and are always looking for ways to improve your skills and contribute to the team's knowledge sharing.
    • Strong Fundamentals and Scalability: Your design decisions are grounded in solid software engineering principles, with a focus on scalability, maintainability, and performance. You understand the importance of building extensible architectures and designing for future growth. You make thoughtful trade-offs between speed, efficiency, and long-term sustainability, always aiming to minimize technical debt.

Core Technologies

    • Git: Advanced understanding of Git workflows, branching strategies, and best practices. Ability to resolve complex merge conflicts and manage repository integrity.
    • TypeScript and Python: Deep understanding of language syntax, semantics, and best practices. Proficiency in writing clean, modular, and maintainable code. Familiarity with advanced language features, type systems, and common libraries and frameworks.
    • React: Strong understanding of React's component-based architecture, lifecycle methods, and performance optimization techniques. Experience with React Hooks, state management libraries, and testing frameworks.
    • Node.js: Expertise in Node.js runtime environment and its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. Proficiency in writing scalable, high-performance applications using Node.js frameworks, package management, and module bundlers.
    • Postgres + TypeORM: Strong understanding of relational database concepts, SQL, and designing optimized database schemas. Experience with TypeORM and its features. Knowledge of Postgres-specific features and ability to write complex queries and optimize database performance.
    • AWS + Terraform: Experience with AWS core services and designing scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. Proficiency in infrastructure as code principles and tools, particularly Terraform. Understanding of AWS security best practices and access management.