Technical Support Engineer (Night Shift)

Pune, India
Customer Engagement
Do you want to shape the future of enterprise software? 

At Aera Technology, we apply internet scale technology to the challenges facing enterprise businesses. Think of the self-driving car: connected, always-on, thinking, and autonomous. Our mission is to enable companies in the same way. ​The cognitive technology for the Self-Driving Enterprise™. Aera understands how your business works, makes real-time recommendations, predicts outcomes, and takes action autonomously. Our​ ​platform​ ​is​ ​increasingly​ ​used​ ​by​ ​the​ ​world's​ ​largest​ ​companies​ ​to​ ​identify​ ​and​ ​respond​ ​to market​ ​opportunities​ ​faster. 

Aera​ ​is​ ​seeking a Technical Support Engineer to work the night-shift in our Pune office. The​ ​Technical Support Engineer ​will​ ​be​ ​a key team member ​that​ ​helps​ ​customers​ ​solve​ ​technical​ ​issues for our cloud-based analytics application. This​ ​customer-facing​ ​position​ ​requires​ ​strong​ ​communication​ ​skills, ​​troubleshooting and​ ​excellent​ ​problem-solving​ ​skills. This role could be ideal for someone with a QA or development background who would like to step into a customer-facing opportunity.

Night Shift Work Hours / Schedule:  5 days/week (Monday - Sunday), 9:30pm - 6:30am IST


    • Quickly​ ​learn​ ​the​ ​functional​ ​aspects​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Aera​ ​product​ ​line
    • Work​ ​on​ ​customer​ ​reported​ ​issues​ ​by​ ​interacting​ ​with​ ​various​ ​teams​ ​including​ ​QA, ​​App Development, ​​Engineering​ ​and​ ​Product​ ​Management
    • Gather​ ​information​ ​systematically​ ​and​ ​efficiently​ ​perform​ ​root​ ​cause​ ​analysis
    • Write complex SQL statements to extract data and replicate customer issues
    • Track​ ​and​ ​resolve​ ​support​ ​issues​ ​logged​ ​by​ ​customers​ ​and​ ​project​ ​team​ ​members
    • Test​ ​product​ ​and​ ​implementation​ ​features​ ​and​ ​document​ ​results
    • Communicate​ ​with​ ​customers​ ​on​ ​the​ ​status​ ​of​ ​issues​ ​and​ ​project​ ​items
    • Develop​ ​new​ ​features​ ​and​ ​components​ ​in​ ​our​ ​existing​ ​web​ ​application
    • Collaborate​ ​with​ ​the​ ​application​ ​developers​ ​who​ ​create​ ​the​ ​scripts​ ​to​ ​correct​ ​the​ ​problem permanently
    • Exude​ ​a​ ​passion​ ​for​ ​technology​ ​and​ ​the​ ​cutting-edge​ ​solutions​ ​that​ ​Aera​ ​offers
    • Bring​ ​a​ ​positive, collaborative, ​team-oriented​ ​attitude​ ​to​ ​the​ ​office​ ​and​ ​your​ ​customers every​ ​day!

About You

    • Strong​ ​problem​ ​solving​ ​and​ ​troubleshooting​ ​skills​ ​with​ ​knowledge​ ​of​ ​support processes
    • MUST HAVE strong experience writing SQL scripts, including complex statements
    • Excellent debugging skillsSelf-learner​ ​and​ ​eager​ ​to​ ​learn​ ​new​ ​software​ ​tools/technologies
    • Excellent​ ​communication​ ​(both verbal​ ​and​ ​written) ​skillsLog​ ​analysis​ ​and​ ​performance​ ​troubleshooting
    • Experience​ ​with​ database​ ​performance​ ​analysis and​ ​optimization, Unix
    • Knowledge​ ​or​ ​experience​ ​with​ ​application​ ​servers
    • Knowledge​ ​of​ ​the​ ​following​ ​tools​ ​is​ ​preferred: ​Zendesk, ​​JIRA, ​Confluence
    • Experience​ ​with​ ​Java/J2EE​ ​coding​ ​and​ ​development​ ​is​ ​a​ ​plus
At Aera, we're on a mission to solve the biggest, most intractable challenges of enterprise software. We envision the rise of the Self-Driving Enterprise: a more autonomously functioning business with a central operating system that connects and orchestrates business operations. Our platform is increasingly used by the world's largest companies to identify and respond to market opportunities faster. 

If you share our passion for building the next generation of enterprise software and implementing it for the most sophisticated customers in the world, you’ve met your match. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, we're growing fast, with teams in Mountain View and San Francisco (California), Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Paris (France), Munich (Germany), London (UK), Pune (India), and Sydney (Australia). So join us, and let’s build this!