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Senior Infrastructure Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Affirm is a technology and data-driven finance company. We are mining vast amounts of data to successfully rewrite the rules on how credit is evaluated, offered and collected in order to build breathtaking consumer financial products. Our initial focus is on mobile commerce and how payment innovation and 'contextual credit' can translate the incredible consumer shift to mobile engagement into meaningful retail dollars. In the future we will be pursuing opportunities where commerce is limited, great products are hobbled or consumer needs are not met because of antiquated approaches to credit. At Affirm we love our infrastructure because it's the backbone of our company and allows us to be efficient and nimble. You might be an Affirm Infrastructure Engineer if: - you love building tools other developers love to use - you launch 100 nodes on AWS to compute Pi out to the billionth digit just because it makes you feel like a mad scientist - you have dreams about automating massive auto-scaling data processing infrastructures - you can remotely login to an operational dashboard to monitor your house - you know you help prevent carpal tunnel


    • automation of server provision/deployment
    • management of operational monitoring and alerting
    • coordinate with QA/release management to build code deployment tools that integrate with our test automation and continuous integration services.
    • research and evaluate new and emerging backend technologies


    • expert knowledge of Chef (or Puppet or Salt)
    • expert knowledge in one scripting language: Python, Ruby or Perl
    • experience deploying and managing MySQL (or MariaDB), Redis 
    • experience with public and private cloud management / automation
    • capacity planning and/or development of auto-scaling frameworks
    • experience monitoring / managing / deploying high volume data services
    • breadth of experience deploying different technologies at all layers of the stack


    • deep knowledge of operating system design and implementation
    • experience developing C/C++ or Java 
    • you were part of a team that kept uptime > 99.999%
    • experience deploying Hadoop, HBase, Kafka, Hive, Storm, Impala, Spark, ElasticSearch, MapR, Hypertable, FoundationDB
    • you know who Dev Ops Borat is