Workplace Manager

Hong Kong
Full Time
Over 500K people using AfterShip, you have the ability to bring positive impact to the global eCommerce community.

AfterShip's mission is to help retailers such as Zalora, Lazada, Esty and Wish (to name a few) win customer loyalty by bringing the best shopping experience to their customers, with a focus on automating the shipping, tracking and returns experience.

Do you possess the fundamental "get stuff done" attitude, are you always striving for excellence and hungry for more?

The workplace manager* role offers varied skills development and growth for someone who is extremely organised, inquisitive and open to new everything.

Someone with finesse who is proud to be the ambassador for AfterShip, the most important contact point for internal and external parties and will do whatever they can to ensure daily operations run as smoothly as possible.

We offer:

- Fun startup culture with diverse and inclusive international teams
- Hackathons, happy Friday sharings and happy-hour gatherings
- 5-day work week and 15 days annual leave
- Benefits include medical / dental coverage and performance bonus


Workplace and operations management:

The main responsibility is to do whatever it takes to keep the workplace afloat. The WM should devise systems for mail organisation, phone messaging, filing, and visitor logs. The WM is also responsible for making sure supplies are ordered on time as well as making sure food and beverages is always accessible. Finally, the WM should also make sure the workplace is neat and free of clutter.

Ambassador of AfterShip:

The WM is the ambassador of AfterShip, the first person AfterShip staff and visitors will encounter (aka the lovely receptionist). They’re the face of AfterShip internally and externally. As such, it is the WM’s responsibility to warmly and professionally welcome every single visitor to the workplace. It is important for the WM to make visitors comfortable, to try to answer any and all questions (or find someone who can help), show visitors where to wait, and to offer them a drink and snack.

AfterShip fun and people engagement:

The WM is often the most trusted person within AfterShip and also often the point person for internal company event planning. There’s no better go-to person to round up different teams and make sure everyone will be available at a certain day on a certain time. If there’s a workplace party or a team off-site, the WM will manage the logistics and preparation as well. The WM can also give guidance to workplaces in other locations to ensure team members there also organise their own events.

Workplace and people administration:

Quite often, the WM will be tasked with keeping track of some accounting matters such as bookkeeping, payroll, tax returns and accounts payable or receivable. The WM is often the point person for dealing with different third party administrative services. In addition, the WM will also be involved with some people-related matters such as candidate management, onboarding and off-boarding.


Extreme organisational skills:

The entire business operations depends on how organized and on top of it the WM is. The workplace  manager is the core that keeps the workplace functional, efficient, and most of all organized. At a startup, efficiency is money.

Expert multi-tasking skills:

Leave your ego(s) at the door please, there is no problem too big and no project too small for the WM to divide and conquer; be brave - give it a go, ask questions and take ownership; be resourceful - pull in WMs tackle projects logically and are expert multi-taskers who can prioritize requests (or push back) appropriately.

Additional perks:

High potential for growth:

The WM interacts with every part of the business, while the role is not easy, it can be one of the most rewarding positions within an organisation and there’s an especially high potential for growth. There have been stories of those who go above and beyond successfully transitioning into other areas such as business operations, special projects, accounting, recruiting, event planning or customer service.

* Those with less experience may be considered as workplace administrator instead
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Clients:  eBay, Zalora, PayPal, Groupon, OnePlus, LivingSocial, Etsy and Wish (to name a few)
Platforms:  web, api, app (iOS, Android)
Couriers:  450+ international couriers integrated
Tracks:  30M+ international shipments per month
Users:  500K+ globally
Crew:  ~50
Mission:  Our mission is to help retailers win customer loyalty by bringing the best shopping experience to their customers, with a focus on automating the shipping, tracking and returns experience.