Natural Language and Speech Synthesis Scientists

San Francisco, California
We are currently looking for software and research engineers in the fields of Natural Language processing, understanding and especially generation/synthesis.

We would love to meet anyone with extensive commercial and/or academic background in NLP / NLU / NLG who would be interested in being involved with AI Foundation as an advisor, engineer, scientist or thought leader.  


    • Masters or PhD with strong experience in Speech Synthesis and previous published papers in Speech Journals and/or speaking engagements at top conferences.
    • Experience developing and using deep generative models (WaveNet) and GANs for raw audio
    • Expertise in signal processing and voice models
    • Strong software experience (Python, C++, Go...)
    • Good knowledge of deep learning packages such as TensorFlow, Keras, etc
    • Strong background with phonetics and prosody
AI Foundation is committed to a culture of flexibility, diversity, and fun to all of our employees. We are working on some of the most challenging technical problems and we know the solutions will come from all of us working together in an inclusive, transparent and open manner.