Full-Stack Engineer

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Truera, Bellevue, WA seeks Full Stack Engineers - Designing appropriate integration interfaces
for AI stacks such as Spark, H2o.ai, and Tensorflow, etc. Designing data interfaces for common
Big Data storage and streaming pipelines such as Arrow, ORC, Parquet or Spark and
MapReduce including working with Distributed Systems and data pipelines for Machine
Learning systems. Developing data-intensive software solutions and designing and presenting
a planned, well-coordinated release cycle for model training and deployment, following proper
guidelines, documenting and monitoring important features, internal metrics and changes
shipped out in the release of new models for recommendation and fine-grained classification.
Design of optimization algorithms for high performance computing for machine learning
applications. Implementation of multithreaded applications in C Java, C++ and Python for
machine learning technologies such as neural networks. Development of APIs and system
architecture, pruning unnecessary complexities to ensure system remains up to standards and
user friendly. Development of data analytics dashboards using UI frameworks like Angular or
React and development of SQL scripts for running analytics on big data. Designing and
modifying to simplify the system and where to implement more details depending on its overall
business impact. Analyzing the software speed and performing speed up of the code if
bottlenecks occur. Will travel 5% US and/or Int’l travel to meet w/clients.

Prior experience:
Requires Bachelor’s (or foreign educ. equiv.) Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer
Science or a related field and Five (5) yrs. (post-degree, progressive) exp. in Job Offered or
related. Experience must have included Developing data-intensive software solutions; Working
with Distributed Systems and Data pipelines for Machine Learning systems; Use of Java, C++
and Python; Developing algorithms to optimize high-performance computing; Developing
multithreaded software applications; Performing API development; Developing dashboards to
visualize data for business users; Developing SQL scripts for running analytics on big data; UI
frameworks Angular or React; and Use of Big data technology Spark and MapReduce.