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We are looking for a Developer to join our founding engineering team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for researching, developing, and designing the infrastructure necessary for our core AI explainability engine; building data and model interfaces for integrating with diverse customer AI platforms and establishing software engineering best practices and setting a high standard for software quality, usability and performance.

Few key areas of focus and deliverables:

- Create scalable infrastructure platform for computing model explanations and insights
- Design and implement infrastructure to manage deployments across on-prem, hybrid and public cloud environments at fast cadence
- Design unified and efficient data interfaces to work against various data storage systems and data formats
- Perform code cleanup, pruning unnecessary complexities to ensure system remains up to standards and user-friendly
- Analyze and improve performance of critical code
- Willing to prototype and experiment with multiple machine learning frameworks like sklearn, TensorFlow, PyTorch and machine learning products like, Mlflow etc.

Prior Experience

    • You have strong ML and/or data infrastructure experience
    • You have strong presentation and communication skills
    • Attention to details and a commitment to teamwork are highly desired for this role as well
    • An in-depth understanding of Computer Engineering fundamentals is necessary
    • You are motivated to create scalable and stable products
    • You are fearless in tackling new problems, new software stacks and nimble to learn from mistakes and iterate
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