Aira Agent


Desire to have meaningful interactions with individuals who appreciate your help and expertise? Interested in developing your lifelong skills of communication, empathy and broad understanding of a vast cross section of individuals?    No paperwork, scripts or quotas?    Sound too good to be true?   Read on!
At Aira, we are giving increased freedom and independence to individuals who are blind or visually impaired.   But we need your help as the star of our service! 
As an Aira Agent you simply log onto our dashboard from your computer at home and begin answering video calls from our customers who reside across the United States - you will help them to shop, read their mail or computer screen, cook meals or even describe individuals in social settings - the scenarios are varied and unique.    You will join a small but growing team of Aira Agents who, along with training, will help you hone your skills and share your calls.
Through a live video stream, you are able to see what they would be seeing, and provide the information they need to make decisions or explore their world.
Hours are flexible - you will earn $15 an hour. We offer a range of hours per day between the times of 4 a.m PST to 10pm PST.   

To see more about Aira go to Aira Inspiration, and Aira Website
We are looking for:
      People that are Enthusiastic, eager, and well spoken.
      People that love to search the web and find the best info.
      People that can multitask while remaining focused and calm.
      People that want to grow with a company- the opportunities are just beginning with Aira.