Backend Staff Engineer

Permanent Contract
Aircall was founded in 2014 and is now one of the fastest growing B2B SaaS companies in the world. Its main mission is to bring value to voice communications by focusing on user experience, collaboration and integration with other softwares. With $40 million in backing from Balderton, Draper Esprit, NextWorld Capital and eFounders and supported by the successes of our 5,000+ customers from Expensify, Pipedrive, Travelperk, Adore Me and Sendinblue, Aircall and its international team of 200 talented people is addressing a growing market of $50+ billion.

At Aircall, we are looking for engaged and passionate Software Engineers to join our growing Engineering Team. In the next few years, our technical challenge is to leverage fully decoupled architecture and microservices at scale with reliable, event-driven infrastructure behind the scenes.

Volume: Store, aggregate and compute 1M+ events/day today, 100M+ by next year
Live: Analyse and take live decisions based on 1M+ events/day
Modularity: Make our stack scale and increase squads' productivity by featuring microservices based on event-driven architecture
Uptime: Keep a 99.99% uptime while dealing with an exponential activity growth

We have built and successfully operated +8 microservices since 2019, and that's just the beginning. There are impacts and changes at all levels: architecture, infrastructure, software, organization, and business.
As we scale our stack, we are scaling our team. The engineering team is organized in Chapters, Tribes and Squads. These agile, autonomous, stable, and multidisciplinary squads focus on a specific business scope driven by customer-centric objectives and key results.

Since 6 months, we built and successfully operated a service-oriented architecture, and it’s just the beginning. Impacts and changes are at all levels, architecture, infrastructure, software, organisation and business. Engineering team is organised in two tracks, Features Delivery and Platform (Cloud Infrastructure & Software Architecture)

As a Staff Engineer, you will work on the Platform track to design, host & scale Aircall products. Your mission is to identify future tech challenges, lead engineers & make the team successfull.

You might be a fit if

    • You master different programming paradigmes (OOP, FP, ...) and software engineering best practices (TDD, DDD, Clean/Hexagonal/Onion architectures,...).
    • You know how to define Design Principles along with libraries and tools, onboard the team and raise the bar at Aircall.
    • You work with the team to deal with and investigate the unknown and roadblocks in the roadmap.
    • Your goal with Infrastructure, Architecture, QA and Data teams is to provide the most reliable and flexible platform for Delivery team.
    • You are comfortable to work with Product & Business teams to refine product short and long-term vision and adapt our platform.
    • You have significant experience in software engineering, with a focus on scalability, availability and performance. You design, develop and release software following best engineering practices.
    • You possess effective and proactive communication skills, and can deal with different profile and role of collaborators, from Junior to Senior, Tech to Business.
    • You invest your leadership technical expertise serving the team by mentoring Juniors and including other engineers in your decision making. Getting and giving constructive feedback is your most useful leadership tool.
    • You have experience in identifying, debugging and resolving complex production issues

We are looking for enthusiastic folks who are ready to innovate and make an impact for the better. Community, trabnsparency, ambition and tream work — these are the values by which we live, as individuals and as a team. We believe that success comes from hard work and deserves to be recognized and rewarded.

What we offer:

- A competitive environment where you can get responsibilities
- Sunny offices in the center of Paris with ping-pong table, free food/drinks, and regular team parties
- Immersion in the Parisian startup ecosystem, and an opportunity to work with some of the most promising startups
- Competitive package (health coverage, lunch, commute, sport)
- Yearly team offsite to exotic locations bringing together our Paris and NYC team