Food Counter Attendants (FCA)

Food Services & Hospitality /
Non-skilled /
The Food Counter Attendants are responsible for the preparation and serving of the food as well as cleaning and arranging the kitchen worktables and tools. They also heat and finish cooking simple food items and serve customers at food counters and perform various other activities to assist workers who prepare or serve food and beverages. They are employed by restaurants, cafés, hotels, fast food outlets, cafeterias, and other establishments. The ideal candidate must be willing to work in Canada. 

Similar Job Titles:   
counter attendant, cafeteria 
fast-food preparer 
food preparer 
ice cream counter attendant 
salad bar attendant 
sandwich maker 
bartender helper 
cook's helper 
food service helper 
kitchen helper 

Summary of Responsibilities

    • Prepare all the food ingredients manually and/or using equipment 
    • Unpack and store supplies in refrigerators,  and other storage areas  
    • Keep records of the quantities of food used 
    • Able to cook, prepare or assemble required ingredients for preparing standard receipts. These may include a portion of beef, pork, fish, and poultry.
    • Bring clean dishes, flatware, and other items to serving areas and set tables   
    • Wash dishes, glassware, flatware, pots, and pans using a dishwasher or by hand 
    • Remove trash and clean kitchen garbage containers  
    • May receive payment for food items purchased 
    • Take customers' orders  
    • Serve customers at counters or buffet tables   
    • Perform other duties to assist cook and kitchen staff 

Desired Skills and Competencies

    • Ability to provide exceptional customer service 
    • Strong interpersonal skills 
    • Good team member  
    • Can work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment 
    • Broad knowledge in hospitality management 

Minimum Requirements

    • Must be currently employed 
    • The Candidate Should have a minimum of 1 year of experience in a fast-food chain (McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and etc.) since 2020
    •  Candidate must have completed at least a two-year diploma
    •  Certificate of employment (2012 to present)
    •  WES/IQAS and IELTS ready is an advantage
    • Willing to work in Canada