Lube Technician

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An automotive lube tech's job description includes doing basic car maintenance work and small repairs.
Rather than handling complex issues, a lube tech performs oil and filter changes, checks that tires are inflated correctly, replenishes vehicle fluids and lubricates joints and fittings as needed.
Other lube tech duties can include cleaning a vehicle's interior, replacing wiper blades, installing car batteries and performing tire rotations. This work requires good dexterity to use tools and requires a lot of standing and bending to work on vehicles.
The garage environment presents risks that can lead to cuts, strains, and other injuries, so attention to detail and a focus on safety are crucial for lube techs.

Minimum Candidate Qualifications

    • High School graduate (Grade 12 equivalency) or equivalent 
    • Standing/walking for 8 hours.  
    • Lifting and/or carrying of merchandise items, as required, on a regular, frequent and unassisted basis. Merchandise items may vary in weight from "light" to "heavy". 
    • Willing to migrate and work in Canada 
    • Job Type: Full-time