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The web console is crucial to Akita's vision of one-click observability: making it not only easy, but delightful, for developers to understand the hairy complexities of their services and APIs. ✨

Akita is looking for our first frontend engineer to take the lead on realizing this vision. We're looking for someone passionate about empowering developers to work closely with our small team as we refine our product.

What is Akita?

What endpoints are in my system? What other services are calling my endpoints? Which code change introduced the cascading failure I'm seeing in production?

Today, answering these questions requires developers to dig into logs, metrics, and traces at best—sometimes it feels like you're going on a scavenger hunt for the right information. At Akita, we're building the first API-centric observability platform to make it easier for developers to understand their systems and fix bugs. Two of the coolest parts of Akita's approach are 1) the ability to passively monitor any kind of API traffic, across staging, test, and production and 2) the ability to automatically build API behavior models from the traffic for developers to explore.

You can learn more about our team here and read about our approach to developer experience in this blog post. You may see our product in action at the end of this talk.

Who works at Akita?
We're a small, senior, deeply technical team committed to building tools that improve software quality in practical ways. (3/4 of us have PhDs in programming languages. 🤓) We're all-remote, work together closely, and get the most excited when we build something that helps our users. We believe in shipping quickly and often, learning, and iterating. We love dogs and also cats.

Akita was founded by Jean Yang, previously a CMU professor with over ten years of experience in programming systems research and over two years of experience with Taylor Swift memes on Twitter.
Akita is backed by two of the top VC firms, as well as a major NBA player and some other incredible angel investors. 🏀😇

What will you do at Akita?

    • You'll solve hard UX problems. You will work closely with our small team, our designers, and our users to understand use cases in order to define and implement the web interface to the Akita platform. What's the best way to help a developer explore all of the information about their API traffic...and how it changed over time? We're working on testing some hypotheses and hope you will join us to figure it out.
    • You'll ship frequently as we iterate on the product. There's a lot of stuff we need to build! We're also probably not going to get features right the first time, so we're going to need to to iterate quickly.
    • You'll work directly with our users to improve the product. We believe that listening to our users is key to getting our product right. Everyone on our team is involved with responding to user questions and requests, seeing where people are getting tripped up and what they’d like to see. In your frontend role, you’ll take a front seat in usability tests to refine the product.
    • You'll set the tone for frontend at Akita. As the first dedicated frontend engineer at Akita, we will be looking to you to help realize our vision when it comes to the web console. You'll get to have a lot of say in frontend practices and how UI work at Akita gets done. You'll also play a large role when it comes time to hire more frontend engineers.
    • You'll build the observability tool of the future! One-click observability is not something that exists today. There are a lot of lessons to learn and a lot of innovations to make along the way. You'll be shaping not just the future of Akita, but the future of cloud observability.

About you

    • You're a hacker. You have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience. You have substantial experience building nontrivial user experiences. You're passionate about the craft of engineering and want to be on a team where people feel the same.
    • This is not your first rodeo. You have 5+ years shipping code and 3+ years of experience shipping frontend code that other people use. You've been a key player in at least one software project of significant technical depth. You've built at least one major user experience from scratch.
    • Developer experience is important to you. You've worked on the frontend for other developer-facing products. You have experience with visualization tools like D3. You have experience doing user interviews and are excited about doing more of them. You have strong attention to detail and are obsessive about creating a good experience.
    • You're comfortable sharing drafts, getting feedback, and iterating. You have experience working closely with others and changing course based on feedback. You find this way of working fun.
    • You’re scrappy. You know what it takes to ship high-quality production software, but you’re also happy taking judicious shortcuts and even deliberately incurring tech debt to get the job done. Ideally, you'll have worked on a small, fast-moving team and scaled with it.

Frontend tech stack

    • React and TypeScript
    • Python (increasingly typed)
    • PostgreSQL

Backend tech stack

    • Go
    • Docker; Kubernetes
    • AWS; Terraform


    • Competitive salary and equity packages. We are deliberately building our early team to be small and senior, so we are quite generous compared to other companies of our stage.
    • Generous health and dental insurance. 401(k) plan.
    • Work from anywhere in the US, as long as there is a significant overlap with 9am-6pm Pacific time.

Life at Akita

    • We value doing over talking.
    • We aggressively prioritize. There are only so many of us and so many hours in the day.
    • We make decisions quickly. We make decisions based on the data that is available. Every decision has a clear decision-maker.
    • We value being deliberate and discussing up front, including where we cut corners and where we take on tech debt.
    • We constantly work to get better. Every Wednesday we review all of the product feedback from the past week. Every Friday we have a candid review of our planning, communication, and work execution. We identify explicit improvements and put them into action.
    • We care about each other! During daily standup, everyone gives personal as well as work updates. We understand that even though work is a major part of all of our lives, there's more to everybody to appreciate and get to know.
    • We value diversity and inclusion. We have a monthly reading group and a quarterly review. The most recent reading group was focused on inclusivity issues around remote work.
    • The word "fun" is important to us and we are looking for someone who reads all this and thinks it would be fun. 👯‍♀️
At Akita, we're building the future of cloud observability. If you want to work closely with a small team to bring into existence a new way of empowering developers to understand their systems, we'd love to hear from you.

Check us out on Twitter here and on GitHub here.

Akita is an equal-opportunity employer.