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Alan - Founder Associate Intern

The position is open for March 2021, ideally for a six months internship.

About Alan

Alan was created in 2016 by Jean-Charles Samuelian (CEO) and Charles Gorintin (CTO) to make the healthcare system frictionless, fair and friendly.

Alan began by creating a fully digitalized Health Insurance. Alan is the only new independent insurance company to be licensed by the Bank of France in the last 33 years.

Since its launch, Alan has grown very rapidly: 140,000 members today for an annual turnover of 100 million euros. This growth has been accompanied by the raising of more than €125 million in four years, from major funds such as Temasek, Index Ventures (Dropbox, Bird, Revolut...) or DST Global (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp...).

At the same time, the team is also experiencing exponential growth and the offices on the banks of the Saint Martin canal are home to a total of 280 Alaners. We also have a work from anywhere policy.

Alan is part of the Next40, raised funds in March, held its first Keynote in September and is shifting to become a Personal Health Partner- on top of being the best Health Insurance there is. Alan offers a unique working environment, marked by a highly differentiated corporate culture (radical transparency, distributed ownership, A+ problems mindset, no meetings policy...) and supported by employees from all horizons (Europe, Silicon Valley, Canada...). You can read our latest letter to shareholders for more information.

You can find more information on our LinkedIn, blog or website.

Role & Scope

As a Founder Associate, you will support Founders on top business priorities, such unlocking new growth, driving alignment on strategy and building foundational infrastructure. Possible topics include:

- Corporate & Governance (Board, Legal, fundraisings, meetings, public affairs…).
- M&A (identifying and exploring strategic business and product opportunities - acquisitions, acqui-hires,…).
- Growth (supporting marketing initiatives, partnerships…).
- Talent (sourcing and recruiting, building and organizing Full-Days).
- Brand & Communication (Corporate Brand, Founders’ Brands).
- Product (identify and explore strategic product opportunities).
- Strategy (contribute to the strategic vision of the company, screen markets and competition, produce business analyses, build models of growth, etc.).
- Other (People topics, knowledge topics, organizational topics,...).

Specific to the role of CTO Founder Associate, there will be the potential for more technical tasks, learning of SQL, engineering projects, etc.

Key outcomes by the end of the internship

By the end of the internship period, the intern will have:

- Supported Founders, owning and delivering on a high-volume and broad range of topics. Doing so, the intern will interact with most of Alan’s communities (Corporate, Strategy, Growth, M&A, Brand, Talent).
- Created new processes and resources, and contributed innovative ideas to improve Founders Associates team efficiency and autonomy.
- Contributed directly/acted as project coordinator to/for at least one strategic company project (M&A, fundraising, new product launch, etc.).

Profile & competencies


- Analytical sense and critical thinking: FAs have a lot of research and analysis to produce. This requires the ability to frame the right questions, objectively analyse and evaluate a problem or issue, and problem-solve including simulating possible outcomes. 
- Versatility and education: given the scope of work, FAs should be able to jump from one topic to another with similar impact.
- Execution and collaboration: given the scope, volume and timeline of work, the ability to direct people—including oneself—towards a particular objective that may require active orchestration is key.
- Influential communication: given the number of Alaners FAs interact with on a daily basis, the ability to effectively cause both understanding and action in others without the use of direct power is essential. 
- ‘Business’ sense: FAs often have to think at the company level, assessing what would be best for the business, and working on topics that have cross-cutting impacts. The ability to understand what can make a business great (product wise, commercially, in terms of image, etc.), and usually make correct decisions, even in the presence of ambiguity, is paramount.


- Fluency in spoken and written English. All our communications are written and in English.
- French fluency preferred but not required.