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🐼 Who we are

 Alan envisions a world where anyone holds the power to actively influence their physical and mental health. We strive every day for a healthier humanity, starting with healthier people and healthier businesses.

Alan simplifies access to care, and empowers everyone to be healthier, physically and mentally, thanks to preventive care, health and insurance all in one experience. From prevention to extra-fast reimbursement of health care, and overcome together, as easily as possible, health related issues. We go the extra-mile for our members, becoming a resource for them, and obsessively creating solutions to help them in their day-to-day obstacles with a caring, tailored, personalized approach. They are never alone with Alan.

We partner with 25,000 companies, with 500K members, and cumulate €350m+ and growing ARR. We operate in France 🇫🇷, Spain 🇪🇸, Belgium 🇧🇪 and Canada 🇨🇦. 

The team is 580 people, and growing all over Europe & Canada.

🤘 How we do it ?

People joining Alan are always surprised and delighted by our innovative working method. We have a set of cultural values that guide our approach to work, such as:
Members first. We put our members first, our team second, our shareholders third.
Radical Transparency. We make all choices in writing and adopt a direct and honest style of communication.
Personal & Team Growth. We are self-improving whilst helping others grow. We’re no ego-doers and we all edit the company.
Distributed Ownership. We trust our colleagues to make the right choices. We are not afraid to fail fast individually to learn collectively in the long run.
Fearless ambition. We shoot for the moon and work backwards. We focus on solving complex problems with simple principles far from ready made ideas.

⭐️ The Engineering team ⭐️

In our engineering team, we build the infrastructure, interfaces, and applications to provide first-class service to our members, health professionals, and even ourselves!

Being an engineer at Alan means joining a team of talented, committed and passionate engineers, with a lot of product interaction.

We move fast, with a lot of ownership, and are proud to tackle big problems!

Our process is very simple: those who make product decisions are the same ones who build them.

Our stack is Python/Flask, React/Redux, React Native, PostgreSQL.

Want to know more? Read this article if you want to discover how life as an Engineer at Alan looks like, and how our Engineering team is organized: 

For this opportunity, we are aiming to hire within the D-F level range.

⭐️ Is it you we’re looking for? ⭐️

We are looking for engineers with 5+ years of experience to help us scale our Engineering community from different perspectives (product, tech, and internal organization-wise):
- You’ll be able to tackle high-impact & high-risk projects involving many engineers.
- You'll design efficient systems and engineering practices to align with and facilitate interactions between multiple teams/products.
- You’ll have the opportunity to mentor other engineers & lead crews (more details in this article).
- You'll be able to contribute to hiring your future coworkers and shape candidates' hiring experience (improving our technical assessment process etc...)

You would be a good fit at Alan if most of this sounds like you: 
- Well-versed in Object Oriented Programming such as Python, Java, C#, and enthusiastic about web technologies such as modern Javascript.
- Willing to work in Python/JavaScript (but you don't need to have experience with those 2 languages!).
- Passionate about building products.
- Self-starting and entrepreneurial.
- Humble and still willing to grow (no matter your seniority!).
- Collaborative, enthusiastic about teamwork, learning, and teaching.
- Fluent in English (no need to speak French!).

But above all, we are looking for high potential and curiosity: make sure to show us this when you apply! Everything else is a bonus.

For more details on how engineers can grow at Alan, take a look at our Engineering career path:
At Alan, we're committed to bringing holistic health into everyone's daily life - and that starts with our employees. We want to empower our Alaners with benefits and perks selected to ensure well-being, boost productivity, and foster a harmonious work-life balance.

Therefore, we will offer:
- Flexible Office: amazing office space at a co-working space in Toronto (near Union station) and home office equipment sponsorship, we want you to work under the best conditions to build the best team.
- All the tools you need: Macbook Pro, keyboard, laptop stand, monitor, and Bose noise-canceling headphones.
- Flexible leave policy: we trust Alaners to take the holidays they need, and no pre-approval is required.
- Delightful healthcare insurance: great benefits until we launch our own Alan Canada plans.
- Transport: monthly Toronto Transit Commission pass or other equivalent commuter benefits.
- Learning & Training opportunities: a highly flexible training policy, free books and budgets to attend and speak at conferences if the opportunity arises.
- Parental leave: extended parental leave for all new parents.

You can find more information about our perks, salary, and equity here.