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🐼 Who we are

Alan envisions a world where anyone holds the power to actively influence their physical and mental health. We strive every day for a healthier humanity, starting with healthier people and healthier businesses.

Alan simplifies access to care, and empowers everyone to be healthier, physically and mentally, thanks to preventive care, health and insurance all in one experience. From prevention to extra-fast reimbursement of health care, and overcome together, as easily as possible, health related issues. We go the extra-mile for our members, becoming a resource for them, and obsessively creating solutions to help them in their day-to-day obstacles with a caring, tailored, personalized approach. They are never alone with Alan.

We partner with 25,000 companies, with 500K members, and cumulate €350m+ and growing ARR. We operate in France 🇫🇷, Spain 🇪🇸 and Belgium 🇧🇪. The team is 580+ people, all over Europe.

🤘 How we do it ?

People joining Alan are always surprised and delighted by our innovative working method. We have a set of cultural values that guide our approach to work, such as:
- Members first. We put our members first, our team second, our shareholders third.
- Radical Transparency. We make all choices in writing and adopt a direct and honest style of communication.
- Personal & Team Growth. We are self-improving whilst helping others grow. We’re no ego-doers and we all edit the company.
- Distributed Ownership. We trust our colleagues to make the right choices. We are not afraid to fail fast individually to learn collectively in the long run.
- Fearless ambition. We shoot for the moon and work backwards. We focus on solving complex problems with simple principles far from ready made ideas. We embrace AI to increase our productivity and be at the forefront of technological changes.

⭐️ Your mission

The inbound sales role at Alan Belgium is new. Alan is entering Belgium’s largest market in number of companies (freelancers, very small companies or ‘SMEs’). We are building a team to help us accelerate in this market, you will be part of the first team building the playbooks and tactics.

Your mission will be to support prospects going through Alan’s online buying process (‘self-serve experience’) in their buying process (quote requests, chat conversations, meetings, and callback requests): You proactively reach out, advise them on the most relevant insurance products, and convince them of Alan’s added value

Your objective is to close these prospects, increasing Alan’s foothold in this new market, your targets are ‘contracts signed’. Your prospects are  single member companies (e.g. freelancers, consultants), and very small companies (1 to 9 employees).

To be successful in your role, you will:
- become an expert in insurance and our product, developing a deep understanding of what we sell (and what our competitors sell) in order to confidently answer questions & objections from prospects.
- develop the best-in-class sales and storytelling skills, learning to understand what is important to your prospects, how you craft compelling arguments to objections, and how to craft narratives to showcase Alan value, build trust, credibility, and lead your deal to a close.
- learn how to manage your pipeline efficiency and close deals every single day of the year, which is very stimulating.
- contribute to making our product even better by identifying and sharing product feedback, blockers, and feedback to improve the self-serve experience.

This role is a stepping stone to build a strong foundation to become a top-performing sales professional. As an Inbound Sales, you will be enrolled in Alan’s sales traineeship program, which is our extensive internal program to onboard, train and coach high potentials into our future top performers in sales. You’ll be on a continuous learning curve where you can learn from and work with a top-notch sales team, whilst gradually increasing your scope and impact on the business.

🔮 How your first 6 months will look like

Priority 1: You are onboarded on Alan’s sales methodologies, processes, and product.
- You understand the competition. You are comfortable with Alan’s narrative and can handle common objections.
- You understand Alan’s sales processes well and you are autonomous from A to Z to sign a customer.
- You understand Alan’s product and insurance coverages in depth. You are an expert on our coverage and can answer all insurance related questions directly in the call.
- You understand our main competitors well, the difference between their digital and insurance offering vs. Alan. You can answer competitor related questions and objections directly in the call.

Priority 2: You are able to manage your pipeline. 
- You can organise your week accordingly to handle the number of leads necessary to reach your target.
- You are in control of  your pipeline and feel at ease working on it. You are on top of your follow-ups, and can hit your service-level agreements (SLA), example: time to call a lead.
- You are successful when you: consistently handle 80 leads per sprint, manage to contact 70% of your leads, and close 25% of leads contacted.

👀 Who are we looking for?

Sales skills
- Great communication skills (written and oral, in both English and Dutch). Being bilingual is a big plus.
- Active listening skills: ability to understand prospect’s needs and pains and provide relevant solutions with Alan.
- Drive and assertiveness: ability to drive a sales cycle in a 1-call closing, ability to create a sense of urgency.
- Basic analytical skills: ability to analyse self-performance.

Soft skills & behavioural traits
- Ambition to build a career in sales. High willingness to learn and grow.
- Driving sales and winning deals gives you energy.
- Curious and eager to learn, high growth mindset.
- Excellent organisation skills.
- Strong ownership sense (ability to work autonomously, proactively).
- Never give up mindset, bias to action, resilience when facing touch conversations.
- Challenger, you challenge the status quo, you don’t blindly follow processes or seek permission for every decision (both toward prospects & internally).
- Comfortable with uncertainty and iterations as the role is new.
- Ability to grow within the community by taking feedback.
🙌   Perks & Benefits

At Alan, we believe that being in good health is a basic need, and it starts with our employees. This is why Alaners are provided with a stimulating environment and perks ensuring they are happy, efficient and spend only high-quality time with co-workers. 

Therefore, we offer:
- Fair rewards. Generous equity packages complement your base salary, for permanent contracts only.
- Flexible Office. Amazing office space at our HQ, sponsored co-working hubs or a full-remote experience with home office equipment sponsorship, we want you to live where you’re the happiest.
- All the tools you need. Top of the range equipment: Macbook Pro, keyboard, laptop stand, monitor, and Bose noise-canceling headphones.
- Flexible vacation policy and flexible working hours. Organize your time as you wish.
- Delightful healthcare insurance. Extremely comprehensive health insurance - 100% of the contribution covered by Alan for you and your family, for permanent contracts only.
- Transport. Country-specific commuter benefits.
- Learning & Training opportunities. A highly flexible Training policy free books and budget to attend and speak at conferences if the opportunity arises.
- Parental leave. Extended parental leave for all new parents, for permanent contracts only.

Important note: we hire people not roles. 

After reading this job description, if you feel like you don’t have all the necessary prerequisites but that it matches where you are now or what you'd like to grow into in your next position, we encourage you to apply!

Not everybody will enter our recruitment process, but all, no matter how underrepresented, should feel free to apply as it can only bring learnings or success.

🔖 Check out our About Alan and Career pages, as well as our Medium, blog and Glassdoor page for more info.