Software Development Engineer in Test (India)

Chennai, India
300-50 – Eng - India
Alation was founded in 2012 when a PhD engineer from Google, a designer from Apple, and an executive from Oracle teamed up to help people to find, understand, and trust the data they use.

Today, our team consists of creators and communicators with varied backgrounds. From Stanford, Berkeley, and IITs, from big companies and small startups, from all over the world, we all came together to work toward a shared vision of a world where informed decision-making is the norm -- we are incredibly driven to make data more accessible in every industry.

We are head-quartered in Redwood City, CA and funded by top investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Data Collective, General Catalyst Partners and Costanoa Venture Capital. Our customers include some of the world’s largest organizations, with thousands of employees and petabytes of data.

What we are:

    • Our team is a group of intelligent, hard-working, and fun people with diverse backgrounds 
    • Our product consists of a solution for people to find, understand, use, and govern data 
    • Our system runs smart algorithms, including machine learning, to organize data from diverse sources and deeply analyzes their semantics and usage

What we are not:

    • A database or cloud computing company 
    • A business intelligence company 
    • A consulting company

Some of the things you will be doing include...

    •  Building the technical and cultural foundations of our engineering team with focus on testing and test automation. 
    • Initiating, owning and taking accountability for everything one touches and is touched by. 
    • Design, develop and maintain test automation framework preferably in Selenium and Python 
    • Design, develop and maintain test scripts preferably in Selenium and Python 
    • Analyze test script failures and triage product bugs 
    • Design, develop and maintain test reporting tools 
    • Design, build and maintain tools which can be used by developers to write robust test scripts faster 
    • Design, build and maintain test infrastructure to support the ever-increasing automated testing needs 
    • Continuously think about ways to improve product quality and test coverage by test automation 
    • Continuously think about ways to develop maintainable and scalable test automation systems 
    • Drive continuous improvement of the software development and testing process 
    • Metric driven mindset to measure progress and success by improvement in product quality and increased customer satisfaction scores. 
    • Influence the stakeholders across time zones and geographies to raise continuously the bar of quality, timeliness and innovation. 
    • Good written communication and data visualization skills, be able to articulate and express ideas to influence people

Nice to have...

    • Knowledge about CI and Jenkins 
    • Knowledge about pipeline as code 
    • Cross browser test script development 
    • Developing test scripts using cloud based services like sauce labs or browser stack

You should have... (in no particular order)

    • Depth of knowledge in computer science (e.g., a CS degree or extensive experience) 
    • Experience with the internals of a system (such as an operating system, database, web 
    • server, etc.) 
    • Extensive coding experience in test script development 
    • Desire to participate in a fast-paced and intense startup environment, and commitment to build the testing and automation organization across time. 
    • Willingness and commitment to work with global teams across time zone and geographies

Sample projects (NOT representative of all our engineering areas)

    • Caching infrastructure for API requests 
    • Data modeling to optimize for performance based on access paths 
    • Replicating and sharding multiple data storage systems 
    • Designing APIs and abstractions to expose to the web front-end 
    • Building servers and clients for data storage and querying
If you resonate with our mission, want to work on challenging problems, to have fun, and to create a product with a broad and positive impact, come join us.