Quantum Computing Theory Internship

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Alice&Bob is developing the first universal, fault-tolerant quantum computer to solve the world’s hardest problems. The quantum computer we envision building is based on a new kind of superconducting qubit: the Schrödinger cat qubit. In comparison to other superconducting platforms, cat qubits have the astonishing ability to implement quantum error correction autonomously!

We are at the forefront of the quantum race, competing with tech giants such as Google or IBM. We are growing fast, securing 30 million USD of funding in 2022 to develop our unique technology. We are 100 and counting, between physicists, PhDs, engineers and experienced business professionals, all united in reaching our ambitious goal. If you are an explorer, craving to challenge yourself and make quantum computing come true, come and join us!

During this internship, you will focus on defining, developing and integrating an optimization tool to find the optimal working point of cat qubits minimizing logical errors when used in an error correcting code.


    • Familiarize with the pysics and basic operation of cat qubits
    • Familiarize with cat qubit operation optimization on simple cases
    • Develop a python code and notebook to numerically find the optimal working points of cat qubit in a repetition code, minimizing the logical error using experimental inputs.
    • Make suggestions and improve this code.
    • When possible, derive analytical formulae for the optimization
    • Integrate this numerical tool in our measurement code/base, so that it can be routinely used by experimentalist.
    • Writing a report and documenting the tolls developed


    • Currently in your first or second year of a Master's degree
    • Have followed classes on quantum mechanics and quantum algorithms
    • Have a transversal interest in theory applied to experimental physics
    • Have an engineering “make-it-work” mindset, with a desire to deliver a useful tool.
    • Have experience coding in python
    • Have excellent initiative, and feel comfortable navigating an open problem with many ramifications
    • Are a team-player, with good communication skills, not afraid to mobilize and learn from colleagues to make the project move forwards
The proposed internship period is six months between July and December 2024. The
internship is open to applicants that have the right to work in France. At this
moment we cannot support visa applications

Research shows that women might feel hesitant to apply for this job if they don't match 100% of the job requirements listed. This list is a guide, and we'd love to receive your application even if you think you're only a partial match. We are looking to build teams that innovate, not just tick boxes on a job spec.

You will join of one of the most innovative startups in France at an early stage, to be part of a passionate and friendly team on its mission to build the first universal quantum computer!

We love to share and learn from one another, so you will be certain to innovate, develop new ideas, and have the space to grow.