Superconducting Qubit Design & Simulation Internship

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At Alice & Bob, we are building the first universal, fault-tolerant quantum computer that can solve the world's hardest problems using superconducting cat qubits.

Cat qubits have the astonishing ability to autonomously suppress a certain type of error, and a significantly reduced hardware overhead compared to other technologies. This efficient technology makes us a leader in the race towards a fault-tolerant quantum computer.

We have raised 30 million EUR of funding and are currently over 100 employees at our main facilities in Paris. Among us are physicists, engineers, PhD students and experienced business professionals, all working together to reach our ambitious goal. If you want to challenge yourself and participate in this race, apply today.

Alice & Bob's qubit designs are developed by the Microwave Team. Our main responsibility is to deliver designs with optimal performance for experiments that take us closer to a fault-tolerant quantum computer. Predicting and optimizing qubit performance is done using unique and powerful simulation tools developed through in-house research.

During the internship in Superconducting Qubit Design & Simulation, we want to investigate a critical part of our tool chain: the mathematical modeling of individual superconducting components in our qubits. To design and simulate qubits, we use assemblies of components where each component is modeled using a compact mathematical description. We would like to investigate recently developed model order reduction techniques such as multivariate rational approximation to improve the flexibility and performance these components.

As an intern at Alice & Bob, you will work at the bleeding-edge of technology and have access to world-class resources and mentors.


    • Solid mathematical foundation in linear systems theory and algebra
    • Strong individual drive
    • Team-player mindset
    • Programming skills in Python
    • End of Master’s degree (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science or Engineering)
The proposed internship period is six months between July and December 2024. The internship is open to applicants that have the right to work in France. At this moment we cannot support visa applications

Research shows that women might feel hesitant to apply for this job if they don't match 100% of the job requirements listed. This list is a guide, and we'd love to receive your application even if you think you're only a  partial match. We are looking to build teams that innovate, not just tick boxes on a job spec.

You will join of one of the most innovative startups in France at an early stage, to be part of a passionate and friendly team on its mission to build the first universal quantum computer!

We love to share and learn from one another, so you will be certain to innovate, develop new ideas, and have the space to grow.