Senior / Staff Quantum Experimentalist

Research – Experimental /
Alice&Bob is developing the first universal, fault-tolerant quantum computer to solve the world’s hardest problems. The quantum computer we envision building is based on a new kind of superconducting qubit: the Schrödinger cat qubit. In comparison to other superconducting platforms, cat qubits have the astonishing ability to implement quantum error correction autonomously!

We are at the forefront of the quantum race, competing with tech giants such as Google or IBM. We are growing fast, securing 30 million USD of funding in 2022 to develop our unique technology. We are 80 and counting, between physicists, PhDs, engineers and experienced business professionals, all united in reaching our ambitious goal. If you are an explorer, craving to challenge yourself and make quantum computing come true, come and join us!

As a senior / staff quantum experimentalist at Alice & Bob, you will be at the frontline of our cutting-edge cat-qubit processors. In essence, your role will be to drive improvements and innovations of our processors to keep pushing the state-of-the-art with cat qubits. You will have the opportunity to work together with other top-level teams internally and represent scientific research of the company externally. Your work will directly contribute to define the experimental roadmap of the company.


    • Drive new circuit / gate designs and measurement methods from ideas to experimental validation and integration in cat-qubit quantum processors.
    • Have a critical view of the experimental processes and tools and propose ways to improve / complete them.
    • Contribute to the expansion of the knowledgebase of Alice & Bob and the continuous training of experimentalists.
    • Manage external collaborations.


    • We are looking for scientists with 6+ years of experience in the field of superconducting quantum circuits, having a deep knowledge of the field, a good academic network and strong skills in:
    • Microwave control and measurement of superconducting quantum circuits
    • Data analysis and comparison to theory or numerical simulations
    • Circuit design and simulation
    • Quantum gate design and benchmarking
    • Quantum error correction protocols
    • Scientific Writing


    • 25-day vacation policy (as per French law) + RTT
    • Half of transportation cost coverage (as per French law), or yearly allowance for the die-hard bicycle users
    • Competitive health benefits with Alan
    • Meal vouchers with Swile, as well as access to a fully equipped kitchen
    • Parental benefits with crèche support
    • Flexible remote policy, up to 25 % a month.

Research shows that women might feel hesitant to apply for this job if they don't match 100% of the job requirements listed. This list is a guide, and we'd love to receive your application even if you think you're only a partial match. We are looking to build teams that innovate, not just tick boxes on a job spec.

You will join of one of the most innovative startups in France at an early stage, to be part of a passionate and friendly team on its mission to build the first universal quantum computer!

We love to share and learn from one another, so you will be certain to innovate, develop new ideas, and have the space to grow.