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Engineering – Business Intelligence and Data Platform /
Full-time Remote
Proudly an Endeavor company, Alictus is a company bringing crazy enough people with bold ideas to achieve ambitious goals. Simply put, we are on a mission to become one of the most influential gaming companies in the world, already reaching millions of new players every day!

We’ve had a number of hit games reaching #1 position in the United States and all over the world like Candy Challenge 3D, Boss Life 3D, Rob Master 3D, Deep Clean Inc. 3D, Oh God!, Money Buster! and Collect Cubes.

In Alictus, you will find highly talented individuals from various backgrounds, working at their best to become a better version of themselves everyday. If you feel like you are one of us, this is the chance!


"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston S. Churchill.

As part of the backend team at Alictus we help you push beyond even when we have reached the top charts. We strongly believe that there is always something better, faster, more insightful to offer, a change that we can bring to the market. We strive to provide a fully automated, data pipeline infrastructure not only for our internal growth operations but also for our in-game analytics including the design of event streaming services, implementation of cloud based ETL processes and provisioning of dashboard ready queried units.

What is the day-to-day life of a Backend Developer in Alictus?

    • As a Backend Developer, you will work on specific projects critical to the growth management in Alictus. These projects include: 

    • supervising currently running pipelines
    • integrating enhancing data analytic features
    • creating new pipelines, continuously integrating changes
    • dealing with resource management diving into real datasets to find flow-breaking irregularities. 

    • Your daily intake includes frequent communication to the business intelligence and growth units at Alictus in order to translate their needs to functional requirements and to adapt to state-of-art solutions. We take on new problems across the full-stack on a daily basis and push the technology forward to allow for the fast-paced business growth.

Technologies commonly used;

    • Operating mostly on Unix-like systems (i.e Linux, macOS). 
    • Scripting mostly based on Go with some minor Python units. 
    • Underlying systems based on Apache Hive & Hadoop, MongoDB and BoltDB.
    • Heavily based on Map-Reduce framework 
    • Query-mechanisms on SQL & NOSQL syntax
    • ETL concept of deriving insights

Technical Requirements;

    • BS degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems/Technology or a related technical field. 
    • Relevant experience in backend development, or heavy equivalent practical experience if your major does not fall into the first requirement.
    • Comfortable with at least one of the main programming languages (Java, C++, Python, or GO).
    • Knowledge in data stores like Hadoop, Cloud (AWS S3, Azure Blobs or G-Storage), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc.
    • Familiarity with developing in an agile environment using Bitbucket or Git equivalents.
    • Knowledge on how Rest APIs work.
    • Knowledge of containerized solutions and their orchestration.
    • Ability to stage production of code into providing intermediate results as you build your solution.
    • Good sense on assuring data integrity and checking query results by running functional tests as part of the development process.
What kind of person is the best fit for this role?

As a Backend Developer you are enthusiastic to dive into new technologies and improve the data setups accordingly in a fast-paced business. You can multitask and shift into different projects with ease. You like to work on a team, integrate already existing solutions accordingly and continuously receive non technical feedback of the needs from the end-users.


- Competitive compensation package (of course!)
- Monthly Sodexo to cover all food expenses,
- Objective based generous bonus plan,
- Fully transparent company,
- Strong work & team culture empowering autonomy, self-discipline and personal growth,
- Knowledgeable and fun team giving each other feedback on a regular basis,
- Resourceful company unlocking potential to reach highly ambitious and challenging goals ,
- Opportunity to benefit from being part of a growing company with a mission to be one of the leaders in its industry.

Where you work is up to you. Now and always. Alictus is a remote-first company with availability of offices by choice after pandemic. Today we have team members in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Manisa, Antalya, Muğla, Tekirdağ, Şırnak and Munich. 

Our recruitment process typically includes a call with our recruitment team, a case study and, video call with Hiring Managers and Founders. Our Founders are very much involved in the recruitment process, that is why they will also meet candidates as a last step.