Data Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Over $20 trillion worth of goods—the items we use, wear and consume every day—flow through increasingly complex global supply chains annually. Alloy is a supply chain synchronization platform that connects manufacturers, suppliers, logistics providers, distributors, and retailers, giving businesses end-to-end visibility with fast and actionable insights. Our customers—companies the make, move, and sell products—use Alloy to get the right products to the right place at the right time with greater agility, efficiency, and effectiveness than ever before. We work with companies of all sizes in many industries, ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to fast-growing, innovative manufacturers.

We are early stage, well funded by leading VCs, and growing fast. Our small team studied at top institutions including MIT, Stanford, Waterloo, Caltech, ETH Zurich, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard and has diverse backgrounds and experience in analytics, large-scale enterprise software, retail, and financial technology. There are many challenging problems to solve in this complex industry, and a huge opportunity for modern software to make the global supply chain operate more effectively.

About the role

As a Data Engineer at Alloy, you will oversee and expand our entire data integration layer, allowing Alloy to seamlessly communicate with a wide variety of companies across the supply chain. This includes retailers, distributors, logistics operators and e-commerce platforms.

About You

You thrive in a small team where you can build technology from the ground up. You love to pick up new tech, master it quickly, and do something creative with it.

You don’t shy away from even the most challenging problems and relentlessly strive for better solutions. You are self-motivated and enjoy working with others towards a common objective. When you know a better way, you voice your opinion. Building software is the means to an end—you want to change the way an entire industry operates.

What You'll Do

    • Build, automate and maintain integrations with retailer/distributor portals, e-commerce platforms, logistics providers, ERP platforms, manufacturers, and other relevant data sources
    • Build and improve internal libraries to streamline data integration across multiple sources, including web scrapers, EDI files, REST APIs and flat files
    • Be the internal expert on how each player in the supply chain shares and interpret data. Maintain internal Alloy logic to automate the interpretation of data across channels through the unified Alloy data model

What We're Looking For

    • Strong knowledge of Python and SQL, especially in data wrangling and ETL applications
    • Familiarity with Java is a plus
    • Experience in interpreting and manipulating supply chain-related datasets (Point-of-sale, logistics/EDI, product master)
    • Working knowledge of Selenium and other web-scraping tools

Our Stack

    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Postgres, Redis
    • Python, modern Java, React