Deal Flow Network Program Coordinator

San Francisco, CA /
Product /
Associate operating at a Venture firm

“Blow up the warm intro” - help under networked women Pre-seed and Seed founders connect with Angels and Institutional investors.

This program vets founders, gives them feedback on how to improve, and approves some to be connected for investor access. The Deal Flow Team sends out founder blurbs each week to its investor network.

2021 Objectives
Operate for 400+ Women Founders who graduate from the Seed Bootcamp program, ensuring a quality experience for them and for investors who leverage All Raise for deal flow of women founders.

Roles & Expectations

    • Manage Founder Application Triage - moving founders through the vetting and blurb feedback stages with existing Deal Flow team members.
    • Build and Send Weekly Deal Flow emails
    • Design and execute programming
    • Manage program communication and respond to emails
    • Collaborate on Roadmap Planning with the team, with a keen mind for process improvement
    • Send and unpack survey resultsBe available for a monthly call the last Wednesday of the month at 12pm PT.

Relevant Experience

    • Ideally this person is an Associate so they can bring their vetting and deal assessment chops to the program.
    • Ops or product background a big bonus!

Estimated Hours

    • Additionally 4-5 hours of work / week fluctuating based on number of applicants.

Bonuses of being on the Working Group

    • Collaborate closely with a remarkable team of women in VC
    • Access to powerful volunteer network
    • Invitations to networking socials
    • Recognition as an All Raise volunteer