Principal Program Co-Chair, VC Cohorts

San Francisco, CA /
Product /
“Hack the old boys network” - Help women VCs develop trusted industry relationships to solve daily firm and career challenges - from sourcing strategies & sharing dealflow to negotiating and winning competitive deals. 

Super-charged peer groups of female VCs organized by level  (Associate, Principal, Partner) who participate in guided and self-facilitated workshops every 4 -6 weeks. 

2020 Objectives
Operate for 250+ Women Funders with NPS > 80 and +75% Retention.

Roles & Expectations

    • Collaborate on Roadmap Planning with the team
    • Design and execute programming
    • Manage co-lead communication and respond to emails
    • Send and unpack survey results
    • Give credibility to the program for participants
    • Be willing to share your story and participate
    • Recruit speakers when needed
    • Be available for a weekly call on Friday at 8:30am PST.

Relevant Experience

    • Profile: Principal operating at a Venture firm
    • Ideally this person is a Principal themselves so they can bring a “user’s perspective” to the program.
    • Ops or product background a big bonus!

Bonuses of being on the Working Group

    • Collaborate closely with a remarkable team of women in VC
    • Access to powerful volunteer network
    • Invitations to networking socials
    • Recognition as an All Raise volunteer

Estimated Hours

    • Team meeting is 30-60 minutes each Friday at 8:30am.
    • Additionally 3-5 hours of work / week fluctuating based on number of new launches