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Team Alpha – Team Alpha
THIS IS NOT A JOB POSITION! Just an application to be part of our database and have access to our list of events.

Alpha is an innovation facility based in Barcelona, established by Telefonica in early 2016. Alpha’s mission is to create Moonshots: audacious projects that use radical ideas and breakthrough technology to address some of the biggest challenges in society. Such Moonshots are designed to affect 100 Million people or more, be a force for good on the planet, and grow into impactful businesses.

Europe’s first Moonshot innovation company, with a solid backing, and access to massive data sets -- is building a team to work on groundbreaking and life changing projects and products in the health and energy sector. More and different moonshots to come.

What is team Alpha?

Team Alpha is our closest knit group of amazing people that surround us. Be part of our growing community of close relationships and help us build the future of our Planet.

Be part of helping us build our next new Moonshot and participate in challenges, hackathons, get invited to our VIP events and be the first to hear about or new job openings.

If you want to be part of this team upload your details, and you will have direct access to information regarding Alpha and related events. In addition, this could be an opportunity for you to be contacted by Alpha for any of our future positions.