Content Lead - Behaviour Change

Health Moonshot – Product & Services
Alpha is an innovation start-up based in Barcelona, established by Telefonica in early 2016.  Alpha’s mission is to create Moonshots: audacious projects that use radical ideas and breakthrough technology to address some of the biggest challenges in society.  Moonshots are designed to affect 100 Million people or more, be a force for good on the planet, and grow into impactful businesses.

We are building a team to work on ground-breaking and life-changing projects in the health and learning sectors.  More Moonshots are to come in a range of exciting domains.

Alpha Health Moonshot: Behaviour group
Alpha Health Behaviour group investigates and creates new digital products and services to improve the health and well-being in people of all ages in a scalable way. 
To do this the Alpha Health Behaviour group: 
(1) understands jobs to be done (JTBD) by user type, and target health use case 
(2) develops services based on evidence from neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics, and powered by digital phenotyping, emotional AI, and recommender engines (3) designs (UX, UI) for impact against those JTBDls.
Our team believes that the best way to get to good products is a combination of a clear vision, a deep understanding of the problem, the best people, and continuous experimentation and testing of hypothesis, concepts and products.  All of this to get to products which are simple, beautiful and effective to solve the problem we are here for: make people healthier and happier.

Behaviour Change Content Creation and Delivery
- Own the process to create content based on evidence and adaptation with copywriters/UX team to be ready for delivery. This includes the hands-on creation of content as required
- Definition, creation and delivery of behaviour change content that reflects techniques and principles from Neuroscience and Psychology
Coordination among teams
- Collaborate with our Product, UX, Research & AI teams to design and develop new digital behavioural change tools, and define their content (either through managing external experts or through hands-on creation)
- Collaborate with product managers to prioritize the backlog according to our KPI results.
- Source and prioritize existing Alpha content for behaviour change
- Liaise with the academic partners (neuroscientists, psychologists, behavioural economists) and collect their expert inputs for creating de-novo behavioural change tools and content
 Behaviour change content strategy
- Define behaviour change metrics and monitor the performance (e.g., impact & engagement) of our behavioural change tools
- Conduct in-depth quantitative analyses (e.g., multivariate experiments and AB tests) and get insights on levels of effectiveness and engagement of the delivered content
- Drive product/strategic decisions based on assessments to continue moving forward to achieve the Moonshot goals
Management of behaviour change content
- Monitor, implement, analyze and communicate KPIs and OKR measurements across Alpha Health (exploring data to find actionable insights and make product recommendations through funnels, cohort analyses, long-term trends, user segmentation, regression models, and more)


- Clinical psychologist or psychiatrist with experience in the administration of behavioural change interventions or therapies (such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or behavioural economist with experience on the implementation and execution of psychological principles to influence wellbeing-related decision making processes and behaviour in large populations
- Exceptional knowledge of the state-of-the-art techniques in behavioural interventions and evidence-based approaches for healthy habit formation
- Ability to perform scientific literature and market searches and to benchmark metrics against science and industry best practice
- Ability to understand the advantages of data driven approaches and work with various stakeholders to set up a behavioural content strategy & design digital behavioural change tools
- Solid understanding or experience in development, implementation and effectiveness evaluation of digital solutions for behavioural health - ideally in startup (mental health a plus)
- Experience in writing for usability and mobile applications
- Good understanding of statistics and distill these into conclusions and recommendations to develop and personalize the content
- Prior experience in analytics between marketing, data science, design and development in a start-up
- Knowledge of implementation of data collection and data visualization tools, experience with Mixpanel 
- Experience in scientific research (PhD in psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry is a big plus)

Alpha Perks
We provide all the necessary help and perks to make your life at work and outside of work fun and comfortable all year round, like:
- Benefits package (health, pension, life)
- Casual dress code and open culture
- Flexible work schedule
- High social impact with world-wide reach
- Free daily catering for lunch and large stocked kitchen
- Weekly ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions with guests talking about the most varied world topics
- Work and learn with some of the very best minds in innovation and ideation
- A friendly and open environment
- A democratic team culture that encourages everybody to contribute ideas and acquire new skills
- Based in Barcelona, right by the beach!
Final Note
Join us on this exciting journey if you’re motivated by making the world a better place, for real, by making a positive impact on society and by improving people’s lives.  This is about solving really hard problems – not (just) about making cool things. You could personally have an effect on millions of people’s lives. Are you up for the challenge?