Senior Software Engineer – High Performance Computing (6 month contract - part time)

Health Moonshot – AI
Alpha is an innovation start-up based in Barcelona, established by Telefonica in early 2016. Alpha’s mission is to create Moonshots: audacious projects that use radical ideas and breakthrough technology to address some of the biggest challenges in society. Such Moonshots are designed to affect 100 Million people or more, be a force for good on the planet, and grow into impactful businesses.
We are building a team to work on ground-breaking and life changing projects and products in the health and learning sectors. More and different Moonshots are to come.

Alpha Health Moonshot
Worldwide, healthcare costs have been increasing faster than GDP for 50 years, whilst key indicators such as life expectancy have plateaued in many countries.  The root cause is a change in disease burden – across the world, today’s biggest diseases and biggest killers are chronic diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and mental health disorders.  In fact, for every life saved from infections since 2000, we’ve lost two lives to chronic disease. 

However, it’s now well-established that the main cause of chronic diseases is everyday behaviours such as poor diet, lack of exercise, using tobacco, excessive alcohol, or lack of sleep. To make tackling everyday behaviours even harder, pioneers in neuroscience and behavioural economics have begun to reveal that people are not even really in conscious control of their behaviour. 

At Alpha, we believe that advances in neuroscience, mobile computing, and machine learning now mean we can help people to take control of their own behaviour, optimise their life, and limit the effects of unhealthy behaviour on their bodies and their minds. 

To support our work, we are partnering with the best academics, developers, companies, and professionals around the world.

Alpha Health Moonshot: Artificial Intelligence Department 
The AI team in Alpha Health is set up to tackle some of the biggest AI and Machine-Learning challenges we face when working on the Moonshot of eradicating chronic diseases from the list of top causes of death. Our team will consist of an interdisciplinary team of world-class research scientists in the fields of computer science, maths, computational neuroscience, physics and machine-learning. We build proof-of-concept stage prototypes to solve some of the key challenges in AI and Machine-Learning in the field. 

Specifically, this means solving 3 key challenges in AI: 
- “Empathic AI”: Understanding and reacting to human emotion, measured by multi-modal input 
- “Anonymous & Distributed Machine-Learning”: Development and implementation of a framework to train ML algorithms without “touching” or “seeing” the users’ data. (example: Federated Learning & Homomorphic Encryption) 
- “Trustworthy AI”: Design and implementation of ML algorithms that are “explainable” and no longer a black-box, and therefore help build trust in AI for sensitive use-cases

We are looking for a Software Engineer to develop prototypes and early-stage research implementations. This new incorporation should be able to
·      Build high performance software running on mobile devices
·      Build cloud based distributed services and frameworks
·      Work closely with AI researchers to implement proofs of concept.
·      Be able to face technical problems that are not in the books. 
·      Write clean and maintainable code documented if required.
·      Be able to think ahead and not afraid to propose new ideas to the team.

We are looking for someone with 5+ years experience in both systems and mobile development. The ideal candidate should have previous experience in developing cutting-edge, x-platform mobile libraries, optimizing computation performance. The candidate must have deep knowledge on high performance computing languages such as C++ and cryptography. You will be helping the AI group to create privacy preserving AI machine learning models running on the edge.
-       At least five years professional software engineering experience in a senior role
-       Embedded or mobile development experience, ideally with experience of edge computation 
-       Server and cloud engineering experience of distributed systems handling high loads and client version management 
-       Experience implementing secure distributed systems and cryptography, ideally with knowledge of secure multiparty computation

Alpha Perks
We provide all the necessary help and perks to make your life at work and outside of work fun and comfortable all year round, like:
-       Benefits package (health, pension, life)
-       Casual dress code and open culture
-       Flexible work schedule
-       High social impact with world-wide reach
-       Free daily catering for lunch and large stocked kitchen
-       Weekly Lunch & Learn sessions with guests talking about the most varied world topics
-       Work & learn with some of the very best minds in innovation & ideation
-       Our environment is friendly and open, we are a democratic team that encourages everybody to contribute ideas and acquire new skills.
-       Based in Barcelona, right by the beach!