Software Developer

Energy Moonshot – Energy Moonshot
Alpha is looking for a world-class Software Developer to join our latest Moonshot. Alpha Energy wants to bring electricity to the 2.7Billion people around the world that have poor or no access to it. We want to bring them power and raise their prosperity and quality of life. We want to turn the way electricity is distributed upside down, democratize energy, and enable people to build their own energy networks from the bottom-up.

We’re looking for someone with a good understanding of hardware/software interfaces, mobile communications systems, and experience in working on complex technical projects with various stakeholders and contributors in a fast-paced environment.


    • Experience with intelligent network algorithms, distribution and control, design and implementation of communication, distributed network and peer-to-peer protocols
    • Worked on projects to build the frontend: web, mobile UI, custom hardware interfaces
    • Worked with SW/HW: electronics, Arduino, IoT, communication protocols
    • Facility with several programming languages, including lower-level languages (C++, etc)
    • An ability to prototype ideas quickly and creatively
    • Curiosity about how things work, even if they take you outside your area of expertise
    • Experience with embedded programming and hardware design
    • Peer to peer network protocols
    • Distributed network
    • HW/SW knowledge
    • IoT applications and protocols
    • BSc in Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering or related fields


    • Provide technical input and leadership to a multidisciplinary team
    • Work with customized database-driven web applications used to exchange, display, and interact with energy consumption related data
    • Design, implement, integrate, document and test software
    • Serve as a bridge between the software and hardware specialists