Greenhouse Assistant/Worker

San Francisco Bay Area & Woodland, CA
We believe that good food should also be good for the planet and all of its inhabitants. By harnessing the power of plants, we are creating delicious and affordable substitutes to animal products that use a fraction of the resources, allowing us to feed more people with less. If you believe in our mission, we would love to hear from you.

Your role: 
As a greenhouse assistant/worker, you will be in charge of day-to-day operations to maximize efficiency and productivity of the growth and production of our plants. You will be planting, caring for, sampling and harvesting crops in our greenhouse located in Woodland, California. This role requires travel between our research laboratory in South San Francisco, CA and our greenhouse in Woodland, CA, multiple times a week. You will be receiving instructions and guidelines for tasks that need to be performed at the greenhouse, and samples that must be delivered to our scientists in an orderly and timely fashion. 


    • General care of our 1,000+ plants, such as watering, staking, repotting, trimming
    • General greenhouse tasks such as filling pots with soil, rearranging 1-5 gallon pots, cleaning dead plant material from benches, data entry and record keeping, and maintaining a clean work area
    • Monitoring plant health and reporting problems such as disease and pests to direct supervisor
    • Collecting plant samples following strict protocols and deliver them to our research lab
    • Keeping track of the plants being added and removed from our greenhouse space by precisely recording and maintaining thousands of plant identification numbers
    • Documenting developmental stages of plants and communicating any relevant plant information to the rest of the team
    • Ordering supplies and material for greenhouse operations
    • Maintaining a good working relationship with the manager of the greenhouse

Required skills and experience

    • Have an associate degree (or higher) in a science related field
    • Enjoy working with plants
    • Possess basic science skills such as: large quantity sample collections, using liquid nitrogen, handling dry ice 
    • Have worked in a greenhouse before and/or are familiar with the procedures, practices, materials and equipment used in a greenhouse environment
    • You are reliable, organized, detail-oriented, and precise
    • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • You have proficient computer skills, including expertise in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
    • You are comfortable working in hot, humid, and/or other extreme environments
    • Ability to lift and carry up to 25 lbs and stand/walk for long periods of time
    • Ability to do repetitive tasks that can be physically demanding
    • Have a valid driver's license and are able to drive long distances in a single day

Preferred experience

    • 6 months to 1 year of working in a greenhouse or similar setting
    • Experience studying or working with plants
Desired start date: January 6th, 2020