Senior Project Manager

Kabul, Afghanistan
Opportunities with Alter's Partner Companies
Afghanistan Holding Group
Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG) is a leading professional business service provider in Afghanistan. They are a team of over 300 highly qualified Afghans bringing together decades of experience to provide financial, human resource, compliance and technology services. They call on an additional pool of 1,200 short-term consultants across all 34 provinces for project specific support. All of our team members are fluent in English, Pashtu and/or Dari. This powerful combination of education, experience and qualification uniquely places AHG to provide the highest level of service with unparalleled integrity, efficiency and accountability.

Since 2009, AHG has served over 700 organizations across Afghanistan. Their clients range from small companies and non-profits, to large corporate and government offices. Their integrated turn-key service offering goes step-by-step through the life cycle of an entity, first providing pre-deployment assistance including recruitment, vetting, licensing, visas and travel. Then their on-the ground setup assistance includes internet access, systems, policies, procedures and transport. Finally, their ongoing operational services include payroll, taxation, procurement and audit services. 

The purpose of this position is serve as the primary liaison between Afghanistan Holding Group’s Taxation Team (about 40 Afghan accountants) and their clients (about 200 U.S. government contractors operating in Afghanistan) with regards to their tax matters in Afghanistan.

Core Responsibilities

    • To explain and educate new and existing clients on the taxation requirements and processes of the Government of Afghanistan Ministry of Finance.
    • To oversee and assist with a team of accountants in their work for general accounting, project accounting, budgets, cost accounting, and auditing of client records (where necessary) as it relates to client taxation obligations in Afghanistan.  
    • To implementing office policies and the preparation of client reports and the conduct of the relationship of AHG with its tax clients.
    • To ensure all tax management obligations and requirements under Afghan law are met for AHG clients, and that sound financial management systems and internal controls exist within AHG with regard to tax processing.
    • To organize and manage certain human resources function within the taxation team, taking responsibility for ensuring that the necessary skills are available to AHG and that appropriate staff development opportunities are made available, and the Employee Manual is current, relevant and followed throughout the team.


    • Education: Secondary qualification in Accounting, Finance, Commerce or similar. Chartered of Certificated Accountant with a recognized professional body or lawyer preferred but not required
    • Demonstrated extensive (at least 3 years) professional experience as an accountant or senior financial manager in public practice or commerce and industry
    • Demonstrated experience (at least 3 years) in professional client relations
    • Demonstrated international experience (at least 3 years), ideally in Afghanistan
    • Demonstrated experience (at least 3 years) in the management and supervision of staff

Desired Skills

    • Demonstrated understanding of company law, tax, and financial management
    • Demonstrated knowledge of U.S. Government FAR and contracting procedures, including financial aspects of contract implementation for international organizations
    • Demonstrated knowledge of advanced Microsoft Excel functions
    • Highly effective communication skills with U.S. clients via email, phone and in-person
    • Able to explain foreign concepts clearly and concisely
    • Ability to meet deadlines, ability to allocate and review priorities.High degree of flexibility in work and personal life
    • Ability to motivate staff, to delegate, and to lead a team
    • Ability to make effective presentations to small groups and stakeholders
    • Incredibly organized and able to track work across 200 clients and 40 accountants

Salary and Benefits

    • $4,000 to $6,000 per month
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided
    • Local vehicles/drivers
    • Foosball, pool and table tennis
    • Generous vacation (20 days)
    • Sick and urgent leave (10 days)
    • Health Insurance
    • High office security
    • Onsite ATM and Cafe
    • Post-paid mobile phone
The Senior Client Liaison reports directly to the CEO. Some out of hours work will be required.  Housing provided for non-Afghan staff. Roundtrip airfare provided from home on record.