Backend Software Engineer at Aerobotics

Cape Town, ZA
Portfolio Ventures – Engineering
Why Aerobotics

Farming is a risky business with pests and disease often reducing a farmer’s yields. Over the past few years, we have built solutions that enable drones to do the work in minutes that used to take farmers hours.
Since we were founded in 2014, we have helped farmers manage more than 29 million trees and expanded from 2 to a 70+ people team. We have offices in Cape Town and Los Angeles, with clients in 18 countries, including South Africa, USA, Spain and Australia.

What we do

We are a data analytics company that uses aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimise crop performance for farmers around the world. Farmers are able to interact with this data through our mobile and web apps.

Our 5 innovations explained

What we do explained from a farmers perspective

How we work

Our teams are split into what we call "squads", each with a focus on a particular area of the business. Squads are cross-functional, typically consisting of frontend (web/mobile) and backend engineers, data scientists and data engineers. We are agile and use CI/CD to often deploy into production multiple times per day.
The two main items we try to help farmers with are early problem detection (handled by the orchard management squad) and yield management (handled by yield squad).

Our 3 squads currently are:

Orchard Management & Data Processing
Yield and
Data Collection

This role will be joining our Orchard Management & Data Processing squad which goal is to enable farmers to find problems quickly using drone data (quickly identify trees with problems)

What you'll be working on:

Web application functionality for farmers to effectively manage their crop
Features like the ability to compare trees over time, and across a farm
Processing raw drone imagery - converting imagery into analytics


    • 3+ years of experience as a software engineer working with object-oriented or function scripting languages
    • Experience working with a microservice architecture, and AWS services (particularly EC2)
    • BEng or BSc in Computer Science, or equivalent working experience
    • The ability to work both autonomously, and in a small team to solve complex problems
    • A good amount of grit to survive a startup environment


    • Build and maintain our cloud-based microservices - focusing on our data processing pipelines and applications
    • Develop and optimise the performance (cost and speed) of our cloud systems
    • Build and optimise our CI pipelines, ensuring our dev teams are empowered and autonomous
    • Continue and keep building our culture of working with predominantly open-source platforms