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Alter finds and supports high-growth tech ventures in emerging markets. Our mission is to catalyze development by supporting visionary entrepreneurs. We find the top tech companies around the world that have the potential to create economic opportunity at scale. We support high-character founders that are not only building their companies, they’re defying all odds to build their countries and are inspiring others to do the same.

Alter was founded three years ago out of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Alter currently works with 12 ventures in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cuba, Afghanistan, and Haiti with operations launching in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Kenya, and South Africa this year. Since 2015, our ventures have created 2,334 jobs, now generate est. annual revenues of $492M+, and serve 2M+ customers.
Alter Product Fellowship Program
For more information, please see the full Alter Fellowship Brochure.
Alter's Product Fellowship is open to product managers and product designers with a passion for building empathetic and innovative products. Fellows spend 3 to 6 months embedded in the product or design teams at an Alter partner company, working closely with the executive and engineering teams to build core products.

Projects: Fellows have the flexibility to design their projects in conversation with the company leadership, based on their experience and needs of the company.

What you will gain: Alongside working with exceptional entrepreneurs, Fellows will be immersed in a new business culture and geography, lead and mentor others, and gain access to the Alter network of leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Past Product Fellows have worked on: core consumer product of Myanmar’s leading mesh WiFi internet service provider, customer and driver applications, internal customer relationship management tool, and a Facebook messenger chatbot for Bangladesh’s main ride-hailing app.

Fellows are highly encouraged to attend Alter’s biannual orientation and short training program in San Francisco – which takes place in twice a year: in the winter (early January) and summer (early July). While participation is optional for Product Fellows, orientation gives the opportunity for Fellows to meet each other and learn more about Alter’s model and its partner companies. For Product Fellows that are unable to attend the biannual training, live/recorded webinars will be hosted to provide key information relevant to the Fellowship. For all Fellows, an Alter guidebook to the country and directory to Alter staff and Fellows will be provided.
Program structure

Length: Fellows have the option to embark on project-based experiences that can be tailored with the venture as needed, but generally between 3 and 6 months.

Timing: Projects launch on a rolling basis, so applications will be always open and matched with a company on-demand.

Location: Projects can be in Myanmar, Bangladesh, or Nigeria. Alter is also currently expanding to Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, and Vietnam and may have opportunities starting from May 2019.

Logistics: Host companies will provide Fellows with housing, transportation, and a stipend that will be sufficient to cover living expenses within the country.

Reporting: The Fellow will be embedded within the organization and report to the CEO and/or other senior leaders within the host organization.

Application Process

    • Please submit your resume and a response to the Fellowship Preference Survey. Alter will work with its portfolio companies to select candidates for interviews.
    • Once selected for interviews, you will have two 30-minute initial interviews with Alter’s core team/previous Fellows. These interviews will focus on cultural fit and your past experiences in the role.
    • Based on fit and interest, you will have follow-up interviews with leadership of the ventures, which may include a brief take-home project. While Alter facilitates the process, ultimately your Fellowship placement will depend on mutual interest between you and the portfolio company. You will also have the chance to discuss the scope of the project at this time.

For more information, please see the full Alter Fellowship Brochure.