Data Scientist at Aerobotics

Cape Town, ZA
Portfolio Ventures – Engineering
Why Aerobotics

Farming is a risky business with pests and disease often reducing a farmer’s yields. Over the past few years, we have built solutions that enable drones to do the work in minutes that used to take farmers hours.
Since we were founded in 2014, we have helped farmers manage more than 29 million trees and expanded from 2 to a 70+ people team. We have offices in Cape Town and Los Angeles, with clients in 18 countries, including South Africa, USA, Spain and Australia.

What we do

We are a data analytics company that uses aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimise crop performance for farmers around the world. Farmers are able to interact with this data through our mobile and web apps.

Our 5 innovations explained

What we do explained from a farmers perspective

How we work

Our teams are split into what we call “squads”, each with a focus on a particular area of the business. Squads are cross-functional, typically consisting of frontend (web/mobile) and backend engineers, data scientists and data engineers. We are agile and use CI/CD for rapid and reliable deployments.
The two main items we try to help farmers with are early problem detection (handled by the orchard management team) and yield management (handled by the yield team).

Our 3 squads currently are:

Orchard Management
Data Collection

This role will be working in the Yield squad whose goal it is to use data science to enable farmers to manage their yield - using our aerial data (and other contextual information) to manage expected fruit production through yield estimation and prediction.

You'll be working on:

Building tools to help farmers get a better estimate and prediction of fruit packout at the end of the season - this would include fruit count, fruit size, fruit quality
Getting accurate estimates to help farmers plan better, and market accordingly
They also take interventions during the season based on this data (e.g. if a tree has too many fruits, they remove some of them - because they would otherwise have loads of small, unusable fruit)


    • 2+ years of experience as a Data Scientist
    • A good amount of grit to survive a startup environment
    • Experience either in computer vision field or predictive modeling for things like pricing/risk assessment
    • Experience pushing data into production


    • Data Exploration: Build understandings of the available data through visualisation and statistical analyses
    • Data Cleaning: Devise methods to clean the data for effective modeling
    • Data Science: Assess different architectures/approaches to tackle the problem at hand, through a data-driven approach involving fast iterations on training + testing
    • Data Science Deployment: Deploy models into production, continually monitoring performance and taking action where necessary
What it’s like to work here

We are a fun loving output-driven team who believes in and values:

Delivery > Activity
Ideas > Hierarchy
Transparency > Ambiguity
Meaningful Interactions > Individualism

We have regular learning sessions where someone shares about something they are doing in the company, as well as monthly sessions talking through our company goals and metrics - where we are versus where we want to be.

Working at Aerobotics you will feel the impact you make on our internal and external clients.