Front End UI Developer

Redwood City

We need a design-minded front end developer with deep knowledge of modern web development to create next generation user interfaces. We are leveraging a Chromium integration paired with powerful private APIs to present web apps in holographic 3D and with access to deep VR functionality. Forget supporting IE. With us you'd be programming against HUDs, non-rectangular displays, and holographic projectors.

AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company building a new communication platform. It is now used by people in over 150 countries to share a variety of experiences and interact in the most natural and fulfilling way possible online.

We are a relatively small (and thoughtfully growing) team of 37. To that end, our Engineering team looks for experienced, smart, and well-grounded individuals who: can thrive in an environment that is fast-paced but not brutally so; are bleeding-edge but well-versed in solid startup engineering principles (clean code and an inclination toward shipping product); are instinctively resourceful and independently driven but are also helpful team players; and who can bring to our friendly, funny table a new bag of tricks and skills to add to the team—making it stronger and more adroit than it was before they arrived. Our team members are likely to say that their contribution makes a difference and their thinking matters to their teammates and to the company’s leadership.

Our goal as a business is to provide the most complete, effective, and fun way for people to be together when they are not in the same physical space. Our goal as an employer is to provide the same, in the real world, every day, for the great folks we hire!

Who we are:

    • A virtual reality software company (
    • Backed by some of the best investors on the planet (
    • A team that is passionate about the future of VR

What we believe:

    • VR will be for everyone 
    • The social connection enabled by VR will change your life (and we can show it to you) 
    •  We should embrace everything that is great about the 2D web 
    •  That we can and will invent the 3D web

This is the role for you if:

    • You think that Javascript is a means to an end 
    • Your homepage is so beautiful it would make us weep 
    • You want to be one of the first people in the world to define what a 3D web UI looks like 
    • You’d like to stop worrying about supporting old browsers 
    • You have an opinion on MVC frameworks since you’ve used them all 
    • And you can do it all in a single page

Bonus points if one or more of these are true:

    • You know your way around Gulp or Browserify 
    • You’ve picked up some new tricks recently like 3D CSS or WebGL

We look forward to reviewing your application and typically respond to candidates within two weeks if we agree there's a great fit!

We are not working with staffing agencies or consultants; no third-party resumes will be accepted. Thank you.