Product Manager (Remote)

Washington, DC
&Partners is looking for a strong Product Manager to join our distributed company. Together we’ll build ethical technology products that disrupt the status quo through Human-Centered Design and research.

The Product Manager is responsible for product planning and execution throughout the Product Lifecycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision with stakeholder input, and working closely with design, research, engineering, sales, marketing, communications, and support to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met. The Product Manager’s duties also include ensuring that the product supports the company’s overall strategy, goals, and core values.

If you’re a self-starter, passionate about improving lives, and able to drive vision, goals, and success across teams and partners to see projects, programs, and/or services through to successful completion, &Partners is a great company for you.


    • Define the vision, goals, and measures of success for the products, programs, and services you manage
    • Run beta and pilot programs with early-stage products and samples
    • Take pride in building high-quality, high-impact products, programs, and services that drive the mission and vision of &Partners forward
    • Work with designers, writers, project managers, and technical leads to discover and synthesize research, requirements, and approaches
    • Define the direction, scope, and priority of projects, from high level initiatives to specific features, user stories, and business metrics
    • Work closely with a cross-functional team to iteratively craft and ship solutions
    • Proactively share, improve, and generate buy-in for product initiatives with the team(s), partners, and stakeholders
    • Collaborate with the project management team to prioritize the roadmap and identify priorities
    • Thoughtfully present about our approach in meetings with clients, partners, and other stakeholders
    • Understand and communicate the needs of end users and customer segments related to the partners and work we take on
    • Develop key metrics to allow us to measure product, program, or service progress toward business goals, user needs, and social measures of impact and translate the information into actionable next steps
    • Make tactical decisions to improve the design, define requirements, and generate buy-in for the most effective, efficient, and viable path forward

Requirements: Team and General

    • 6+ years of professional work experience
    • At least 3 years of experience as a Product Manager, Product Strategist, or equivalent role
    • Interest and knack for influencing decision-making across levels and expertise within a company
    • Bias toward action and a comfort forging a path of action amid some ambiguity, while remaining adaptable as additional information arrives
    • Inquisitive and driven to develop research to supplement provided insights and information in order to make informed decisions
    • Strong organizational skills and great attention to detail
    • Ability to communicate clearly in writing and orally (whether verbally or through assistive technologies/aids) to increase transparency
    • Strong competency in situational awareness and situational leadership
    • Ability to nurture relationships to help drive understanding of product processes and product management philosophies
    • A proactive, empathetic, persistent, positive, and growth mindset

Preferred Qualifications

    • Product Management Certification
    • 2+ years experience working on a remote team or remote freelancing
    • Prior professional services, government, or federal consulting experience
    • Experience writing or editing product processes for government or commercial proposals
    • Comfort and experience in a fast-paced environment
    • Flexible, innovative, and attentive to detail
    • Experience running programs and services

We Don’t Care About

    • Whether or not you have a degree of any kind
    • Whether your educational major, if you had one, is related to this role
    • Whether or not you have GitHub contributions
    • Whether or not you have worked at a well-recognized company
    • Whether you’re sure that you check every box. (That’s called imposter syndrome, friend.) Apply and we'll discuss it together.

We Care About

    • Your passions — professional or otherwise
    • Your well-informed opinions about technology, teams, and process
    • You

About &Partners
&Partners helps government, nonprofit, and commercial clients research, design, and build better products using a modern, agile, user-centered approach that is adjusted for the unique environment of each partner and project. By clearly defining the problem space, we surface smart opportunities that meet project needs.

Our staff has decades of experience in both areas, and our team has honed a balanced process for effectively delivering digital services that solve the biggest problems for the greatest number of users in the most need. Our organization parallels the tempo of commercial sector innovation but delivers meaningful software to solve society's most impactful problems. To that end, we partner with progressive and socially-impactful organizations to help them deliver better products, and we strive to improve society through design and technology.

We thoughtfully integrate design into product development. We are experts in leading the design and development of products to meet business goals, build alignment, and deliver value through technically feasible and iterative design activities: Design Translation and DesignOps.

Business objectives and human beings are at the center of our work. We work very closely and collaboratively with our partners, from solicitation through to delivery, to ensure that the product provides a high level of value to the business. Accessibility is never overlooked in our work, and our iterative approach validates the utility and delight of the final product.

Equal Opportunity & Inclusive Workplace
&Partners is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, pregnancy, disability, work-related injury, covered veteran status, political ideology, marital status, or any other factor that the law protects from employment discrimination.

Our team and our office aims to be an accessible and hospitable place to work. We welcome applicants, contractors, and employees who are committed to improving our culture and practices.