Software Engineer - Device Integration

Irvine, CA /
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Anduril is a defense technology company, bringing Silicon Valley talent and funding to the defense sector. Our technology helps our customers solve their toughest challenges by enabling them to make better, more informed decisions in life-and-death situations. We’ve assembled a diverse team of experts in artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor fusion, optics, and data analysis that are creating software and hardware solutions to radically evolve the capabilities of the United States and our allies. If you are passionate about solving problems that have real impact, come join Anduril and build the future of defense. 

As a Software Engineer working on Device Integrations, you write mission-critical code that bridges the gap between the real world and Lattice, Anduril’s Sensor Fusion Platform. Everything Lattice knows about the surrounding environment comes through your sensor integration code. And every physical action that Lattice takes in the real world — turn a pan-tilt-unit or a propeller - is through your code.

Integration of a device into Lattice is much more than just “plumbing data.“ You take pride in processing literally every available bit of raw sensor data into low-latency, high-fidelity sensor measurements using advanced perception techniques on the latest low-power edge compute platforms. Further, since operation of Lattice is augmented with a distributed command and control layer, you thoughtfully architect device daemons that support seamless control by both Humans and Human-directed agents.

As an Anduril engineer, you do not just work from the (awesome) office/lab. Lattice devices work in rugged environments and you will also occasionally work in rugged environments. Going into the field to experience real world device behavior and rapidly prototype solutions is often the best way to get reps on a problem and deliver results in hours instead of months.

You are well-prepared for this role since you’ve spent a few years writing C++ code in a production environment and have experienced the joys (and frustrations) of manipulating directly attached devices. Your attention to detail is critical to your success; you will quickly become an expert on in-the-weeds idiosyncrasies of device APIs and sensor behavior. You own your integration code from early prototype through deployment in a way that doesn't mean you're the only one that can ever own it. Finally, your contributions to internal tools and frameworks make existing and future integrations even better.  


    • Process raw device data into meaningful sensor measurements
    • Design and implement device daemons that support operation by both human and autonomous planning agents
    • Generate health alerts from device failures and deviations in expected performance
    • Build systems and tools that make existing and future device integrations better
    • Collaborate with all involved teams (perception, mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, operations) over the full life cycle of devices.


    • 5+ years of programming experience in industry or academia
    • 1+ year of C++ programming experience
    • 1+ year of programming for attached devices (eg: motors, sensors, cameras, etc)
    • A desire to work on critical software that has a real-world impact
U.S. Person status is required as this position needs to access export controlled data.