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Anduril Industries is a defense technology company with a mission to transform U.S. and allied military capabilities with advanced technology. By bringing the expertise, technology, and business model of the 21st century’s most innovative companies to the defense industry, Anduril is changing how military systems are designed, built, and sold. Anduril’s family of systems is powered by Lattice OS, an AI-powered operating system that turns thousands of data streams into a real-time, 3D command and control center. As the world enters an era of strategic competition, Anduril is committed to bringing cutting-edge autonomy, AI, computer vision, sensor fusion, and networking technology to the military in months, not years.

We build robots that find other robots and knock them out of the sky. At a time when air superiority can no longer be taken for granted, the Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) team provides mission critical capabilities to warfighters. From detection to tracking, identification, deterrence, and defeat, our family of networked sensors and effectors enables our customers to rapidly close the kill chain against a broad range of UAS threats. Working across product, engineering, sales, logistics, operations, and mission success, the CUAS team develops, tests, deploys, and sustains the Anduril CUAS Family of Systems (FoS) in challenging operational environments worldwide.

In your role as a Mission Operations Engineer for Emerging Capabilities on the CUAS team, you are the operational engine driving the maturation of new product offerings and integrations as part of the CUAS Family of Systems (FoS). You will partner with Anduril engineers and target customers to test, evaluate, and demonstrate new technologies and systems. With each deployment you will operationalize lessons learned, driving the team to continuously improve product performance, reliability, and fieldability on the path to production readiness. Deploying emerging capabilities requires thorough understanding of product theses and mission requirements, thoughtful orchestration between Anduril teams and external stakeholders, and meticulous planning in the face of ambiguity. You thrive in the unknown and create order out of the chaos.


    • Mission execution: Do whatever it takes to achieve mission success for Anduril and our customers. Meticulous and detailed-oriented, you will manage every step of the fielding process for our newest capabilities. No job is too small. You capture every learning point and bake them into operational processes for future deployments. You consistently demonstrate extraordinary judgement, grit, and composure in high pressure situations. You anticipate every contingency, build lightweight processes, soberly assess and mitigate risk, and deliberately learn from your experiences to continuously improve.
    • Relationship management: Build trust with Anduril teammates, vendors, partners, potential customers and users through effective communication, positive attitude, and follow-through. You are able to brief customers on emerging capabilities and represent Anduril to senior leaders. Anduril is a lean, agile, engineering first organization. You must be able to develop relationships across the company to operate effectively. You will deeply understand product development priorities and business development opportunities, and frame trade-offs to engineering and sales decision makers. You must effectively communicate risks and expectations to a diverse group of stakeholders
    • Mission expertise: You will develop a deep understanding of mission requirements for emerging capabilities, including the nature of threats, operational and resource constraints, rules of engagement, and more. You must proactively communicate this understanding to Anduril engineers so they can continue to enhance new technologies to support evolving mission needs and product fit.
    • Product expertise: You will develop a complete understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Anduril’s existing CUAS FoS, as well as a specific set of new technologies on the bleeding edge of development. In this role, you will work with engineers to connect the evolving product theses with the mission and customer requirements, taking an expansive view and developing data-backed opinions on product direction.


    • 2+ years experience at a technology company or like government institution
    • Can travel up to 50% of the year
    • Ability to hold and maintain a US DoD S/TS security clearance
This position is located in person in Costa Mesa, CA.

Anduril is an equal-opportunity employer, and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. If you are someone passionate to work on problems that matter, we’d love to hear from you!