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Anduril Industries is a defense technology company with a mission to transform U.S. and allied military capabilities with advanced technology. By bringing the expertise, technology, and business model of the 21st century’s most innovative companies to the defense industry, Anduril is changing how military systems are designed, built, and sold. Anduril’s family of systems is powered by Lattice OS, an AI-powered operating system that turns thousands of data streams into a real-time, 3D command and control center. As the world enters an era of strategic competition, Anduril is committed to bringing cutting-edge autonomy, AI, computer vision, sensor fusion, and networking technology to the military in months, not years.

We build robots that find other robots and knock them out of the sky. At a time when air superiority can no longer be taken for granted, the Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) team provides mission critical capabilities to warfighters. From detection to tracking, identification, deterrence, and defeat, our family of networked sensors and effectors enables our customers to rapidly close the kill chain against a broad range of UAS threats. Working across product, engineering, sales, logistics, operations, and mission success, the CUAS team develops, tests, deploys, and sustains the Anduril CUAS Family of Systems (FoS) in challenging operational environments worldwide.

In your role as a Mission Operations Engineer on the CUAS team, you are responsible for delivering and sustaining a CUAS capability in Hazard Zones that meets our customers’ mission requirements and exceeds their expectations. You fulfill this responsibility through rigorous operational execution, detail orientation, proactive communication, deep mission understanding, and hard-won product expertise. You feel ownership over the health and performance of all assets and technologies deployed to your customers and users, and ensure that the system delivers when they need it most. You represent Anduril to our customers, building their confidence and trust through your professionalism and commitment to excellence. You also represent our customers back to Anduril, communicating user feedback and lessons learned to continuously improve our product and our team in response to evolving mission needs. Above all, you set the standard for what good looks like for your customer, and you rally your Anduril teammates to meet that standard every single day.


    • Mission execution: Do whatever it takes to achieve mission success for Anduril and our customers. Meticulous, resourceful, and detailed-oriented, you will manage every step of the deployment process, from site survey to testing, pack-out, installation, training, and sustainment. No job is too small. You consistently demonstrate extraordinary judgement, grit, and composure in high pressure situations. You anticipate every contingency, build lightweight processes, soberly assess and mitigate risk, and deliberately learn from your experiences to continuously improve.
    • Relationship management: Build trust with customers, users, and Anduril teammates through effective communication, positive attitude, and follow-through. With careful listening and observation, you internalize our customers’ priorities and requirements. You develop plans that build their confidence in, and understanding of, our capability. With empathy and responsiveness, you quickly build rapport with users and provide high-quality training and support. Internally, you develop relationships across the organization to operate effectively. Whether in writing or in speech, you communicate honestly and directly. You are committed to giving and receiving feedback well. Your partners always know what you expect from them, and know exactly what to expect from you.
    • Mission expertise: Develop a deep knowledge of your customer’s mission requirements, including the nature of the threats they face, regulatory challenges, resource constraints, rules of engagement, and more. You will become a CUAS subject matter expert and the voice of the customer, capable of effectively communicating requirements and CONOPS to Anduril engineers so they can continue to enhance our CUAS capability to meet evolving mission needs. You are deeply motivated to shape the future of air defense. 
    • Product expertise: Develop a thorough understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Anduril’s CUAS FoS. You are innately curious about the technology underpinning our capability, and are not satisfied with a superficial understanding of how and why it works. You are constantly educating yourself about the strengths and weaknesses of different sensor modalities, the challenges of sensor fusion, power and networking requirements, and more. You will become an opinionated power user who can reliably forecast how our capability will perform against a broad range of threat profiles, environmental conditions, and mission constraints. 


    • Advanced degree or 4+ years experience in a technical field
    • Deep interest in national security issues and defense technologies, with a commitment to lifelong learning
    • Can travel up to 50% of the year: Hazard Zones for ~25%, other travel for ~25%
    • Active S/TS US clearance

This position is located in person in Costa Mesa, CA.

Anduril is an equal-opportunity employer, and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. If you are someone passionate to work on problems that matter, we’d love to hear from you!