SLAM Engineer

Irvine, CA /
Software /
The Mapping & Localization team at Anduril is developing algorithms for reliable aircraft pose estimation in challenging, remote environments. We process visual and inertial data in real time to enable autonomous navigation under any conditions, even with active interference from adversaries. Anduril aircraft systems are equipped with parallel computer hardware, allowing localization optimization problems to be solved in real-time. Our engineers research and field-test localization algorithms focusing on performance and reliability. Mapping & localization engineers at Anduril develop innovative software for GPS-denied navigation and remote autonomy.

Required Experience:

    • BS in Mathematics, CS, Engineering, or other STEM Field.
    • Experience with real-time localization and/or mapping problems.
    • Expertise in linear algebra, differential equations, and statistical techniques.
    • Ability to leverage academic work for practical and commercial applications, i.e. implementing techniques described in research literature.
    • Expertise in numerical programming techniques.
    • Experience developing, debugging, and optimizing software running on Linux platforms.
    • Experience developing parallel programs for execution on massively-parallel hardware (GPU, FPGA, etc.).

Desired Experience:

    • Experience working in a strongly typed functional programming language (Haskell, OCaml/ML-family, Coq, Agda, Idris).
    • Experience with property-based testing techniques (QuickCheck, SmallCheck, related libraries).
    • Experience working with LLVM, or other experience with machine code generation.
    • Experience working with automatic differentiation.
    • Experience with Bayesian inference techniques.
    • C/C++ experience on Linux platforms.
    • Sensor modeling and characterization.
U.S. Person status is required as this position needs to access export controlled data.