SLAM Engineer

Orange County, CA
The Mapping & Localization team at Anduril is developing algorithms for reliable pose estimation in challenging, remote environments. We combine real-time fusion of visual and inertial data with locally cached maps to enable autonomous navigation under any conditions. Lattice Ghost UAS is equipped with powerful on-board compute capabilities to perform factor graph optimization at the edge, ensuring the latest sensor data is interpreted quickly. Our engineers research and field-test localization algorithms with an eye on performance and reliability. Mapping & localization engineers at Anduril develop innovative software for GPS-denied navigation and remote autonomy.

Required Experience:

    • BS in Robotics, Computer Science or related field
    • Experience with Simultaneous Localization & Mapping (SLAM)
    • State estimation using factor graphs
    • Geo-referenced feature association
    • Lidar, Optical and IMU sensors
    • Euclidean geometry and quaternion transformations
    • Advanced experience in MATLAB or Python
    • Parallel computing using CUDA
    • Passion for defending the United States and her allies

Desired Experience:

    • MS or PhD in Robotics, Computer Science, or related field
    • Algorithm benchmarking for speed and accuracy
    • Embedded systems (NVIDIA Jetson)
    • Real-time optimization techniques
    • Key-point detection and association
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems
    • Satellite imagery data processing
    • Dense reconstruction and texture mapping
    • C++ proficiency