Senior Creative Strategist

Washington, DC
Accounts & Strategy
Full Time
At Anne Lewis Strategies, we help clients create revolutionary digital strategies that advance their mission, change our country, and have a positive impact on the world.
We’re digital-obsessed, tech-savvy do-gooders who care deeply about social change. We’ve brought digital strategies to life for presidential campaigns; huge races for the U.S. Senate and House and gubernatorial campaigns; and nonprofit organizations working around the world, including Save the Children, Sandy Hook Promise, Amnesty International, and Mercy Corps.
We’re an equal-opportunity employer and take seriously our commitment to equality and equity. Our efforts to be inclusive and create opportunity don’t end when someone joins us – they begin.
We’ve set our sights on changing the world through our work and with our clients, and representation is at the foundation of what we do. We know that diversity of thought and background makes us stronger. That’s why we’re committed to building and maintaining a diverse community.

Every new team member is a chance to broaden our perspective and think bigger. We’ll be at our best when people from underrepresented communities and people with a range of perspectives and lived experiences want to come, stay, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Overview: The Senior Creative Strategist will have a chance to do something unique, not only within our firm, but online: building cutting-edge digital communities to shape education. Specifically, we're looking for someone to co-lead one of our longest-running projects and identify opportunities to develop creative campaigns that capture our community’s attention and compel action.

This isn’t your typical project – and it isn’t a typical role. On the contrary, we work in a state of constant innovation, always generating ideas, testing them, analyzing results and optimizing based on what we learn. We do it collaboratively with educators who are active in our networks across channels, co-creating everything from individual pieces of content to large-scale change ideas. Joining us means becoming part of a team that’s collaborative, fun-loving and using digital innovation to shape education. The ideal candidate is highly adaptable and intensely curious. To succeed in this role, you’ll be comfortable working up and down your skill set, participating in high-level thinking and day-to-day execution.

The candidate who joins us in this effort will possess, above all else, strategic imagination and the ability to meet challenges with creative solutions – not accepting the first, most obvious answers, but inquiring deeply to arrive at the ones that best serve overall goals and longer-term vision.

Successful candidates will be responsible for:

    • Collaborating with other strategists, content creators and client partners to develop and implement innovative digital engagement campaigns;
    • Leading cross-functional teams working across digital channels, including a publication-like website, email, social media and paid content delivery; and
    • Evaluating performance against KPIs and developing new benchmarks to measure success.

Must-have qualifications:

    • Experience leading cross-functional teams to implement client campaigns over all digital channels, including email, web, social media and search;
    • Ability to work with client partners to assess their online engagement needs while identifying future opportunities;
    • Familiarity with social media publishing and analytics tools;
    • Experience designing innovative and creative digital campaigns;
    • A strong desire to work with client teams, including technology and creative, to assist in managing resources and timelines on projects; and
    • Ability to assess performance against KPIs and steward programmatic resources cost-effectively.
If you feel you can do the job and are excited about this opportunity but don’t meet all the qualifications, consider applying anyway. We’d love to hear from you!