Operations Developer

New York
We are looking for an operations developer to administer, maintain, and audit both our research and trading infrastructures as we trade around-the-clock in US, European, and Asian markets. The job will include a significant amount of long-term work for automatic scaling and recovery of our systems. We strongly emphasize the automation of our trading operations, and the role will be primarily one of designing resilient infrastructure to allow for disaster recovery and fail-over connectivity in the event of disruptions outside of our control. The operational aspects of the role also include monitoring the technical health of our live trading system and supporting our worldwide trading operations; by nature, this part of the job can be very bursty and requires attention to detail over an extended period of time.

The ideal candidate will have experience scripting, debugging, and supporting an application in a live production environment. The candidate will need to be reliable, fast on his or her feet, and capable of rapidly diagnosing, triaging, and escalating problems live with the Linux-based trading system quickly and with minimal guidance. Web-based dashboard and visualization experience is also be helpful. Compensation consists of base salary, performance bonus, and possible participation in longer-term incentive schemes.

Skill Requirements

    • Experience with Python
    • Linux cluster sysadmin experience
    • Experience with AWS or similar cloud platforms
    • Excellent design and debugging skills
    • Experience operating production critical systems
    • Excellent communication and prioritization skills

Technical Details About Us

    • Linux shop running modern kernels
    • C++11/14 codebase, Python layer on top
    • Technical expertise throughout (everyone programs)
    • Cloud-scalable research infrastructure

Desirable Skills

    • Experience administering Linux clusters and Windows domain controllers
    • Experience with Splunk or similar dashboarding tools
    • Experience with financial markets is a plus


    • Competitive salary
    • Catered meals and bountiful snacks
    • Generous budget for home office equipment
    • Health / Dental / Vision / 401k
    • Massage benefits
    • Complimentary rides home for late nights