Senior Manager / Associate Director – Human Resources


This role will have a dual responsibility of managing HR for ANSR and also building out the HR function for the ANSR’s clients.
Incumbent should be hands-on in managing end to end HR and would be expected to contribute in developing strategies by identifying and researching human resources best practices, contributing information, analysis, and recommendations to the GICs that set here in India. This position should have excellent strategic thinking and direction; ensuring that human resources strategies are in line with the culture of the home office of the GIC.
This role will be expected to work closely with the GIC clients that ANSR brings in to build out key HR practices, including and limited to- Best practice HR policies and procedures, best in class compensation and benefits strategy and execution, manage HR compliance and operations.  Establish and maintain strong stakeholder relationships with the client organization. Gain the trust of the client and work closely with them to make positive business impacts via the right HR practices.
The role is expected to understand the challenges of fast growing organizations and be able to come up with a plan to ensure processes are being set up with a long-term view.
The GIC entities could be of multiple nationalities and cultures. It is thus important for the person to understand different cultural nuances and employ different strategy to engage with each entity.
The role would be expected to implement human resources strategies for GICs by establishing accountabilities, including talent acquisition, staffing, employment processing, performance management, compensation, health and welfare benefits, training and development, records
·         Help replicate client HCM infrastructure to a GIC environment,
·         Building differentiating ‘Employer of Choice’ branding,
·         Help clients define, develop and implement HCM infrastructure
·         Workshops / pre-sales support.

Minimum Requirements

    • A very strong preference to GIC / consulting experience & start-up phase experience,
    • Strong academic background (Top tier business school graduate) with 8-12 years of total experience.
    • Would prefer a combination of handling HR in an Advisory Consulting and Business Facing environments preferably in a global IDC or a Captive.
    • Proven capability of having effectively managed the function and creating a positive impact.
    • Hands-on approach and strong execution skills along with consulting approach.
    • Ability to deal with ambiguity; ability to think through and act on different options.
    • Discipline to convert strategy into action
    • Ability to work with an organization at different stages of growth and mould one’s approach according to the need.

Global In-house Centers (GIC’s) are emerging as the operating model of choice by leading global businesses to support their growth and transformation agenda.  Backed by Accel Partners and Infosys, ANSR is a global leader for establishment of GIC’s.  Since our inception in 2004, we have successfully led the establishment of some of the best managed GIC’s in India and have built a pioneering firm uniquely positioned in this business. We have been trusted partners to the world's foremost organizations in their efforts to leverage global talent assets to advance their competitiveness. ANSR is committed to helping its clients achieve immediate business impact and benefits on their most critical growth issues through their GIC’s. 
We work closely with our clients (often, as joint venture partners) to deliver the sustainable success in every phase of establishing, operating and optimizing a GIC. We carry the reputation of being passionate about influencing better GIC outcomes for our clients. Our work always exceeds expectations and is tailored to the unique client situations for accelerated and sustainable success. By assembling an engagement team with the most appropriate experience and expertise, we have built a firm that unfailingly delivers enduring results.
When someone asks what we do at ANSR, we passionately talk about our unfailing credentials in establishing GIC’s for some of world’s most iconic firms and having transformed them as businesses forever. As pioneers in our business, we have successfully disrupted our industry and have helped our clients successfully realize their goals of realizing exceptional economic and competitive value through their GIC’s.
As a legendary firm, we are creating history through the success of our clients, our team, our values, our passion, and our unique ‘skin in the game’ operating model. No wonder, our GIC’s have outperformed market in every facet from economic value to transformation and innovation.  Our services are founded on our ability to acquire deep understanding of our client’s business context to establish a GIC in a manner that will maximize value. Our solutions embody market trends and best practices across multitude of industries because they help our clients achieve their goals.
As a firm, we pair our deep expertise in local market knowledge with our client business objectives and help them realize successful GIC implementations. Our team partners closely with client leaders to understand their unique situations and translate them into actionable insights for a robust GIC strategy. We are intentional in our approach of engaging all levels of an organization from the outset to create success together.
Since the inception of our firm, we have successfully established 24 GIC’s. Our GIC’s have transitioned over 30,000 full time positions, invested approx. 1 billion in capital investments and leased 4 million sft of office space.
We believe that we are only as good a firm as the collective goodness of our team.  Since our work is always intended to provide clear and immediate benefit to our clients, our team is collaborative, focused, drives excellence in everything we do, completely accountable, authentic, and are problem solvers.
We have a visible and distinctive partner like culture that transcends all levels of the firm. Our team is grounded, hands-on, approachable, and passionate about walking our "one team" talk and delivering unprecedented results.