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“Experience is the teacher of all things.”  

We are in the middle of a profound shift in the way people think about what they spend on. People are increasingly valuing experiences over things.  This change has resulted in a massive shift from the things economy to the experience economy. AnyRoad empowers companies to create brand loyalty, change consumer behavior, and better understand their brand associations by providing them with data intelligence sourced from experience-based marketing. Companies like Budweiser, Honda, Michaels, and Tabasco all count on AnyRoad to measure the impact of their experiential marketing.
What does the experience economy look like in the era of Coronavirus? A shifting landscape full of challenges...and opportunities.  Within a few weeks of the first shutdown, we designed, built, and tested the online version of our platform, which rapidly gained traction as our partners looked to us for ways to stay connected with their guests.   Despite the massive impact on the world of in-person experiences, AnyRoad has secured some of our biggest deals since the pandemic. We and our partners share the belief that when effective therapeutics are developed, the world will be ready like never before to get out of their houses and experience life in-person.

Team Profile
We're nine full-stack engineers and one iOS engineer. A few highlights:
We collectively shape our overall technical growth path.
We work in two-week sprints.
We often share new tech, patterns, helpful tips, etc. to stay fresh.
We get to know each other by diffusing bombs, scavenger hunting, happy hours, and bad jokes.
We celebrate our various idiosyncrasies, experiences, and viewpoints, and are bound. together by the shared values of collaboration, inclusion, and love of what we do.
We work closely with the design and product teams, as well as other non-engineering team members.
Nuts and bolts: automated testing, continuous deployment and code reviews. Everyone is involved in planning and reviewing our work approach – with a mind to continually improve, but also to avoid getting bogged down in too much process. We encourage each other to spearhead new processes or tools that interest us and to bring creativity to our work.  
All about you
You enjoy greenfield challenges - like applying natural language processing to user generated content, or building out new user interfaces and APIs for our experience platform. 
You are comfortable with a large product surface area – AnyRoad’s web app and associated services cover a lot of ground. 
You like helping other engineers and being part of a team that is aiming to improve and grow collectively.
You’re a builder – you enjoy designing a technical strategy and implementing internal and external-facing interfaces.   

Working at AnyRoad

The company is non-US centric. Team members work from around the world, and if you are interested in working abroad for a while, that's an option. We recently had the AnyRoad Summit in Barcelona, which brought folks together from New York, Greece, and the San Francisco Bay Area.
Since the pandemic we’ve been working on ways to come together more. At the moment, we all meet twice a week, once for an update on key metrics, and once to hang out and connect.  

We’re looking for candidates with:

    • Experience with Ruby on Rails and React – or a comparable backend and frontend mix (MVC, ORM, views, state management)
    • Experience working with product/design to build high-quality software
    • Experience writing automated test coverage
    • US Citizenship or work visa required (unfortunately at this time, we cannot sponsor)

Why Join Us?

    • Small, talented, close-knit  team that is working hard to define a new product category. Unique opportunity to have a huge impact on the company. 
    • We value diversity, and it’s a key part of our personality and our growth, are a gender-balanced company, and encourage women and minority applicants.
    • Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz.  Clear product/market fit.
    • Competitive salary
    • Health, dental, vision and 401(k) 
    • Unlimited time off and flexible work hours

Projects You Might Work On

    • Insights Dashboard: Our #1 value prop. Helps partners visualize and understand the data that our platform collects. Work on bringing the next generation of this product online through new interactive data visualization experiences.
    • Embeddable Checkout: Our integral suite of plugins allows partners to embed our checkout experiences directly into their own websites. Rethink and rebuild this in a modern way via embeddable cross-origin React components.
    • Data/ETL: Help us build out the first generation of data tools and processes to pipe and distribute data from a variety of sources and destinations. Increase overall platform confidence in our data. 
    • Natural Language Processing: Help us develop the algorithms and tools to enable our partners to identify trends in large data sets of user-generated content. These insights are key to helping our partners discover what’s working and what’s not.
    • Performance & Scaling: Help us cross the bridge from scrappy startup to an enterprise-grade offering. There are opportunities to improve performance at every layer of the stack, from db queries to asset caching, and everything in-between.  
    • DevOps: Evolve our tools and workflows, and scale out our CI/CD process enabling us to ship code more quickly and with confidence.