Engineering Manager, Platforms

San Francisco, California
As a member of the Platforms Team, you'll be working with other engineering, analytics, and product teams to create an extraordinary development experience at Apartment List.  Platforms team members focus on facilitating changes to our core data models and services that support other engineering teams, but also continually consider long-term implications of those changes. This requires strategic thinking about our architecture and technology choices, and how to smoothly evolve and transition as we grow.  At its heart, the Platforms team is responsible for the infrastructure and services that every other team at Apartment List relies on every day to be successful.

Here’s what you’ll do as part of the team:

    • Guide a team of software engineers in implementing high complexity product features
    • Provide continuous feedback to the team via code review and pair programming process
    • Partner with Product Owner and Design Leads to build accurate estimates, plans, specs, and backlog priorities
    • Establish software frameworks and patterns for other engineers to follow
    • Evaluate and select 3rd party tools, services, and libraries
    • Be responsible for high availability and application performance of team members code

Here are the skills and experience you’ll need to be successful:

    • BA in Computer Science, Information Security, Information Systems, Engineering or related, or equivalent work experience required
    • Masters degree is a plus
    • 5+ years of experience building consumer facing apps (either from a backend or front end perspective)
    • At least 2 years successfully managing teams of 7+ engineers
    • Experience growing and developing your team
    • A strong understanding of agile methodologies
    • Have experienced working with Product Managers and Designers directly
    • You have design/architecture patterns that include MVC, Factory, Message Bus, Publish-Subscribe, Decorator, Observer, and Services; Systems and network programming, including TCP, HTTP, sockets, and threads; and application security, including educating and enforcing best security practices

And here is what’s in it for you:

    • Mentorship and training to get you onboard quickly and to learn new development skills
    • Encouraged to explore new technologies and to adopt them in our product development
    • Empowered to participate the whole development cycle, and drive important product decisions
    • Lots of cool team building events, team off-sites, company ski trip, and an annual sales conference which is followed up with an epic closing party!