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The HTTPie team develops tools both for their customers and for themselves. We are looking for colleagues who thrive in that environment.

The Job
We are growing a team that's responsible for end-to-end delivery of their products. Some of us like to work more on a frontend, others have an affinity to a backend or to making sure we serve our customers quickly and reliably. However, everybody's able to contribute across the whole spectrum.

We are looking for partners who are looking forward to own a piece of product and make it thrive. We do have product managers and designers to help with that, but they'll be your partners in a discussion, not your bosses handing you over fine-grained and well-defined tasks that could be estimated with minute-level granularity. They'll give you coarse-grained challenges and expect you to actively fill in the blanks. We expect you to push your product forward, not to be pushed around to do that. We expect you to move across the stack as needed and actively ask for help when required.

This means great power and great responsibility. We are want great production experience, hence we all rotate on-call. We all want to make a product that sparks joy to our users, hence we all participate in our user support.

We are a remote team and we are both space and time-zone distributed. This means we need you to excel at written and asynchronous communication. We do not eschew video calls as they reinforce there's a human on the other side, but ability to express emotions and feel empathy through writing is necessary to make you thrive.

We love and we develop open source. OSS is a global collaboration effort, not a free give-away. We fix upstreams, we collaborate with others and we expect you to do the same.

While we're trying to make our technology footprint as limited as possible, we do use the best tool for the job. Appetite to learn is more important than experience with a particular technology flavor. But in order to move quickly, you should have a demonstrated background in the areas below.

The Technologies

    • A modern frontend framework
    • A general-purpose scripting language (Python, Ruby, etc.)
    • A development of cloud-native, SaaS applications
    • An experience with RDBMS, key-value data stores and document databases
    • An experience with developing or contributing to an open-source projects
    • Development and consumption of a HTTP API

    • Bonus points are for production experience with following technologies:
    • React, next.js, Vercel
    • Electron or PWA
    • Python
    • TypeScript
    • Terraform
    • AWS ecosystem
    • Working with an API Description Format, preferably OAS3

The Benefits

    • Building a product around the most popular API-related GitHub project
    • Participation in success: stock options as well as reasonable salary
    • Remote-friendly company focused on the outcome, not on the input
    • A learning opportunity: working with seasoned developers as well as startup veterans
    • As a well-funded startup, we use the best tools we can for developer productivity
Come join us and help build the future around the most popular API-related project on GitHub. We look forward to welcome you at a place where you'll belong.