Customer Support Engineer

Boston, MA
Customer Experience
We’re building a team of driven, focused, smart people who want to make a meaningful impact helping customers build something their customers will love. You’ll be empowered to put customers first on a daily basis. Support is more than just spending your time hammering away at a queue—it’s proactively making help even easier to come by, and anticipating the needs and questions of our customers before they have them.

Most of your time will be spent doing things like: debugging an Appcues implementation within a React app, customizing a customer’s Appcues theme with CSS, or fixing broken CSS selectors to get a flow live before a tight deadline. That being said, every person on the support team spends 20% of their time out of the queue working on initiatives and projects to help propel our support strategy into the future, and you will be no different. You will become an essential voice for our mission and drive happiness for customers and our audience at large both in and out of the inbox.

Your objectives will center around supporting our customer base both proactively and reactively, and will include some of the following:

    • Handling any email tickets that come through about technical problems related to improperly constructed HTML or CSS, issues with React and other SPAs, or other technical problems with the internal or external Appcues product.
    • Setting up calls with prospects, if a prospect wants to debug or troubleshoot a technical problem with their flows.
    • Having calls with prospects that want to talk about passing through events or user properties using our Javascript SDK or through our API.
    • Debugging issues with styling and design, specifically custom CSS. Any issues that come through from prospects or customers related to styling their new flows will go to you.
    • Handling any tickets related to passing through events or user properties.
    • Triaging technical tickets before they are sent to our weekly engineering specialist.

You may be a great fit if...

    • You’re willing to commit to working a minimum of two years on our support team upgrading processes, helping our customers, and implementing new functionality to help our customers be even better.
    • You have 2+ years of relevant Solutions/Sales/Support Engineering experience for a cloud-based software company
    • You’re technically astute and have a strong foundational understanding of web frameworks (i.e. React, Angular, etc), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, and debugging tools (i.e. chrome dev tools).
    • You like empowering users with the knowledge to do things for themselves in the future, not just fixing things for them.
    • You love collaboration. You want to work with members of the support team and teams outside of support to do what’s right for the company and the customer.
    • You're excited to gain a deeper understanding of how our software and integrations work. Our customers use different web/mobile technologies and you are hungry to understand how they work and how Appcues can work with them.
    • You’re an A+ listener and communicator. You can synthesize feedback and be the voice of the customer to help your teammates become better marketers, designers, builders and more. You’ll also be eager to spend your days speaking with customers on the phone, via email, and through chat.
    • You’re ardent about figuring things out and comfortable being uncomfortable. Our team is small and new, but we’ll give you the autonomy to help build processes from scratch.
    • You’re driven and goal-oriented. With so much freedom and autonomy, it can be difficult to stay focused. Striving towards the prize on the day-to-day is what aligns us as a company.
Founded in 2013 in Boston, MA, Appcues is a user experience layer that accelerates growth for companies by helping them create amazing product experiences. Ones that are seamless, stickier, and more intuitive than ever before. With Appcues, any company that is investing in its product can make it more usable and feature-rich for customers.

We’re a friendly group of ambitious people who believe the best work environment is one that is meaningful, challenging, and built on openness, autonomy, and collaboration.

Appcues is an equal opportunity employer and believes a diverse team is a stronger team.